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Posted by Max | Posted on 3/01/2014 09:08:00 PM

Yep, two weeks from today--on Buddah's birthday--the Woman is getting her head shaved at this event where people get their heads shaved in order to raise money for the St. Balderick's Foundation. They do for kids' cancers what the boobie walking things do for breast cancer. And there must be a common thread because judging by the Woman's appearance, screwing around with hair is like a priority.

Just look at it. Her hair has been pink a lot for the boobies. In January it was this crimson for another boobie thing (and now it looks reallllly bad, all faded and choppy and chit) and for St. Baldrick's they're taking all her hair away.

Now, Buddah is convinced that the whole thing is for him and that she raised money on his behalf because he never gets to do fundraisers, and that she's going to get her head shaved because he's not allowed out of the house to get it done to his own head.

We can leave him his illusions.

Though...I really would like to see someone shave him. Just for the chits and giggles.

Oh man, I just had a thought. Maybe we can dye his furs for money! WE'LL TURN HIM BLUE!

There has to be a way. There just has to be a way...

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Maybe turn him green for St. Patrick's day! That would be double fun, don't you think? We can't wait to see your person having done this!

I just say, better shaving humans than kitties! Seriously, I like that your human does so much to raise cancer awareness.

That's pawsome of your momma to do!

Does it count iffen we shave TBTs head when he is nappin? We dont ezactly wanna have HIM shave US, so iffen WE get HIM first, OUR furs are safe, right? As long as "someone" gets shaved?

The woman told Buddah she was giving him a fundraiser gift because she's doing it on his birthday. It may have been planned or something. Now all you have to do is have her confirm it to you. But what Buddah told you is true. Go ask her. The head shave thing still can't compare to the time you bought all the toys for the kids. THAT was stellar!

It's pawsome that your human does great stuff like this!!!

The Florida Furkids

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You has a pawsome human Max! Of course you would, cuz you're a pawsome kitty, MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Pee Ess: We is so embarrassed, the mom called you another kittie's name in our first comment. Sheesh she needs to learn to pay attenshun to details!