Dogs. Sheesh.

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/18/2014 05:07:00 PM

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Can't fix stupid!

Ditto what Sparkle said.

Least his human is trainable. Stupid, yes, but trainable!

Dogs never know what they want. Well, okay MOST dogs don't know they want. The dog you knew when you first started living at your house probably knew exactly what he wanted. The dog in this movie needs cat lessons so he'll figure out what he wants.

I have a cat like that. We have a gate up to keep dogs from going into the foyer or upstairs. It has a pet door in the bottom just her size. She can jump over from one side but not the other. So she will whine until I open the gate even tho the mini part is open. Then to get back over, instead of walking thru the gate after I have screamed at her to stop being so stupid, she will climb up on the desk I am sitting at and jump over, knocking all my stuff off. And sit on the other side again until I reopen the gate even tho the smaller part is open for her.

And they call US indecisive about which side of a door we wanna be on?

Well, as long as it works for them...but really!