Topic Blocked

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/28/2014 03:40:00 PM

Hm. Yeah. I'm a little blocked lately.

We've been working on my latest book for a year now, and there have been lots of words written and lots of words thrown away, and lots of sitting here going, Hmmm, and then more writing and more tossing.

The words we tossed were pretty freaking sweet, but they were a little repetitive; I either touched on things too similar in my other books or here in the blog and repetitive is no good.

Now, this book is kind of like me just thinking out loud about things.

So you can help.

What topics--for reals--would you like me to write about in the book? I've kind of touched on why people need to let us help them get better, and about clearing out the clutter in your brain to get better thinks. I talked about my wait problem. Boobies. Having to work.

I've got more than half a book here, but it needs more.

What kind of things do you want people to know?

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Sibling issues? Proper care and training of humans? Dealing with being brilliant in a world of mediocre?

Toughie. Ddb is always good fodder, as is who named you and why. Holiday traditions, relatives, getting older... You've covered the past so well, maybe some future predictions?

We think there is more room about wofies and yard-indrooder cats. Maybe better foods too,

Your viewpoint on the dog vs cat debate, which species makes for a better master of the house, which species is more intelligent, etc where you concede the obvious that dogs are the superior beings! All based on your observation of dogs you have met and how your humans return from visiting other houses where the four legged ones aren't always feline.


What you would do if you ruled the world, Food reviews, and if you are sleeping or just thinking deep thoughts during all our naps. Cats don't want to be told they sleep lots of hours every day and night so maybe some of those times you're doing thinking instead.
Don't worry about repeating what you've said in your blogs and on Mousebreath and other books. You've written tons of stuff about tons of things over the years and some are going to be repeated. Beside, if they ARE repeated they're worth repeating or you wouldn't do it.

How do you handle household pests, finding lost toys, and the continued training of your humans?

How 'bout something on how to train your humans? You're pretty good at that, Max.

Coping with the "m" word? You did a lot of that a few years ago.

How you feel now that you are in the same spot for years.

Aging? Why do people seem to freak out about it while we cats just take it as it comes? How can people learn from cats about this?
Maybe a section about Famous Cats Throughout History, like the brave kitteh on the doomed Shackleton Expedition. Many kitties have accompanied the brave & famous people throughout history and get very little acknowledgement for their own brave deeds.

Need to continually test gravity, sneaky ways to sit on keyboard, proper hairball/vomit placement, boxes, toilet paper shredding methods.

Well, what about a ban on cameras during naps and another topic would be what declawing is really about. Also, how people should handle adoptions of kitties. Some people need to hear it over again! I look forward to this next book!