Posted by Max | Posted on 3/17/2014 11:08:00 PM

Yet, that's what the Woman called me today. And she said it like it was a good thing! I wandered into her office to see if she had any crunchies on hand and to get a head skritch, and when she saw me she said, "Oh, hey, Bug."


First it was "Buddy" and then it was "Bub" and now BUG?

Bug are toys. Bugs are the things from which one rips off the wings and little legs. Bugs are the things outside animals eat for protein. I DON'T EVEN GO OUTSIDE.

I really wish she understood cat, because I've got a new name for her, and it rhymes with "witch."

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Bug?! That is WEIRD!

Ugh rhymes with bug so there.

You wouldn't believe some of the silly names my mommy comes up with! I would take bug over Quinnie Winnie Pie (or pooh).

Bug? How very uncool...

She probably means you're as cute as a bug. Which doesn't make ANY sense at all but that's what you are. Not a common ordinary bug either, Yu're more like a ladybug. Those bugs are supposed to be lucky.

People are always making up nicknames, Max. If she said it in a nice tone, then it is probably meant as a cutsie little nickname with no reference to real bugs. I hear some people call their kids or spouse lovebug. She loves ya! She'd be really heartbroken if she didn't have you around. Trust me!

Maybe she made a mistake, like the time my mom called my bro "Ruffle."


"BUG"? Thats sad! TBT calls ME Buddy a lot, but he means it as "friend" not my name. And he never goes to "Bub" or annythin weirder... ~ Marley.

We get moths every now & then in the house who get eaten and Scout has been known to chomp a grasshopper or dragonfly now & then. But we say Bug is a totally inappropriate name for you!