She's mean when she's sleepy

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/14/2014 09:45:00 PM

All right. So last night the Woman went to sleep around 1 in the morning, as is pretty typical. She GOES to bed around 11:30, but she reads and watches Craig Ferguson before actually trying to sleep.

And this is fine. This does not impact me at all. I'm usually in another room taking a nap, and don't really care what time she goes to sleep.

At 4:15, or thereabouts, I have taken to going into the bedroom, jumping up onto the bed right next to her head, and whispering in her ear until she opens and eye and gives me head skritches. Most of the time she doesn't seem to mind; she does it sleepily and goes right back to sleep when I jump off the bed.

I come back around 6:30 to start reminding her that I'm hungry, and would not be opposed to her getting up and feeding me before the Man gets home from passing gas. This is when she gets grumpy, as if a reminder every 5 minutes is not a good thing.

But this morning?


She has turned into a warm person, and I don't mean personality-wise. She just doesn't get cold like a normal person does, not until it's close to freezing. So last night she went to bed and didn't turn the warm air blowing thingy on, and by 6:30 it was COLD in the house.

Not her. She kept sleeping like everything was just fine.

So I started trying to wake her up. And she started saying mean things to me. So I ramped it up and instead of asking her to get up every 5 minutes, I did it every 5 seconds.

Doods. Did you know the Bad Word List is probably 7 pages longer than we supposed?

She was not nice. She did not give me head skritches. She kept telling me to shut the frak up and told me to go get bent.

I kept TELLING her I was cold, but no, she wasn't listening. She thought I wanted food.

Well, I did, but I mostly wanted warm.

When the Man got up today he told her how cold it was in here when he got home, and THEN she felt bad. Like, WTH? She should have felt bad when I was TELLING HER IT WAS COLD.

And really? I don't even know HOW to get bent. I'm pretty flexible. I have no idea what she expects.

I'm waking her at 3:30 tonight, and I'm not even going to let her pet me.

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Oh Max, this is wrong on SO many levels, but mostly on the temperature one! Kittez NEED teh warmz.

Ah poor Max! Kitties should not be that cold for that long! Many warm hugs and warm thoughts are being sent to you. Next time just sit on her head. At least there will be some "hot air"! LOL

Cold? Yick, we hate that!

Oh, poor Max! You needs to convince her to let you under the covers. Then you could put your cold feets on her, MOL

Stay warm!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

My human is always cold! When her boyfriend is out of town, she turns up the heater - and I love that!

And yes, she is an anomaly for "women her age."

Max that's horrible. Fortunately my human rarely ever gets warm so it's always nice and toasty around here.

Why not go curl up with Buddah somewhere and cuddle and share body heat? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

That is so wrong. You shouldn't have to be cold. The woman is selfish, selfish, selfish. Fortunately that's easily fixed so both of you can be comfy. She can turn on the warm air for you, then go to bed wearing summer pajamas and not have to be under any covers except maybe a sheet. If it's still too warm she can open a window in her room. Pleas let her know that, people when they get menopausal get selfish. Just because SHE'S not cold....

Did your heaty monster die? We would be totally screwed if that happened here, we would all be icicles.

She will be cooler all bald.

oh she totally deserves being woken up..