This is how awesome I am

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/05/2014 06:25:00 PM


It's proof of my awesomeness.

And how powerful my poop is.

The Man took the litterbox outside to wash it, because he does that every other week or so, but this time when he dumped the litter out, the bottom fell out.


I have power-pooped that sucker into oblivion.

The downside is that I'm stuck with a lesser box tonight, something smaller than is comfy, and the Woman says tomorrow she's going to go buy me a new gigantibox.


I hope she buys me some crunchy eats, too...

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Wow, we have never seen that happen. But then mum buys new boxes and works them in, then the old ones go away.

Cool dude! I want to do that!

Wow. I am impressed, Max! I've never heard of that happening to a litter box!

Wow! That really is poop power! You are awesome, dood!

MOL, that's some powerful poop!

For a ginormous box check out these people. We love our boxes, all 5 of them.

They are kind of pricy but so worth it. Biggest box in the land.

that is the awesome of the awesome - you made the bottom of the litter box rot away.

That's some powerful poop.The woman needs to buy you some treats so you can break that new box in in style. Too bad you might have to perch on the ledge of the smaller one so any poop doesn't fall on the floor. Not only would it be completely messy to clean but the floor might fall of the house since you have superpoop

Bwahaha! That is some serious poop you have going on there.

Meowsers, that's some poop! Great work!

And of course, the human should buy you some treats....she's going to the cat stuff store, right?

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Max, we are impressed by yer poop strength! Our litter boxes just NEVER fall apart an now we are wonderin if we get weak food ta process...

You're a Mancat who's powerful, that's for sure!