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Don't party too hard, doods!

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Happy New Year to you too,Max.Hope you're doing ok after that surprise cat attack a couple days ago. Happy New Year to everyone at your house.

Happy New Year!

Well, Hobbes might sarcastically think WE would need to change, but we are sure he wouldnt think YOU need to change (ahem, coff, coff).

A happy and wonderful New Year to you an yer Beins! May 2014 be better than 2013 in all ways!

TBT here. I have to return to say I recall reading that Aldous Huxley read Darwin's idea and shouted "Why didn't *I* think of that"! In the same sense, I sure wish I had thought to use Calvin and Hobbes as you did.

Happy New Year and keep up the years of great posts.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014 ! Purrs


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Max! Best wishes to you and Buddah, the Woman and the Man.

Happy New Year Max! Hope you survived Buddah's insulting attack and that the New Year brings you all great things. Thanks for the Calvin and Hobbs cartoon... No you don't need to change!
The Mom of Marty the Manx and the gang

Happy New Year Max and family!

Happy 2014 to you and your family! You just stay as you are because we can't get any better than the best….. and you are the best!
xxxxxxx from our house to yours! Mighty Kitty.

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Happy New Year to all of you from all of us!!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Max!

We thinks you is purrfect too, MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Happy 2014, Max! I hope it is a great one for you and your human! And Buddah too!

Happy new Year!
Me is purrfect too!!!
May 2014 be your bestest 1 ever!!!

Happy 2014 dood!

Happy New Year, Max. Mommy just finished reading your memoirs to me and my sister, Lexy. We loved them! I'm working in my life story, too, and you are an inspiration. Maybe you can come visit us sometime on facebook. Smooches!