Posted by Max | Posted on 12/18/2013 08:44:00 PM

Doods, I totally did not expect to get mail today but I got a BIG box, and on it was a return address that said,

and it was for me and Buddah! I inspected it pretty closely before it got opened and I could already tell there was some stellar stuff inside.

I mean, look all all this!

There were crunchy treats--TEMPTATIONS!--and toys and a nip banana and a scracther, and this little red sproingy toy that Buddah went nuts over, and even a mug for the Woman!

(Ok she took it whether it was for her or not. Because IT IS AWESOME and she thinks it's too nice for me or for Buddah.)

See? it is pretty spiffy.

We took too many pictures to show here, so if you want to see us get our presents from Allie, Ellie, and Raz from Friends Furever, go peek at the whole set of pictures on our Flickr thingy.

Allie & Ellie & Raz, thank you so much! Your gifts were super spiffy and totally made my day!

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Score, guys! That was a pawsome box of goodness! My Human stole some of my stuff too, saying it was for her. Hey--I might not have much use for notecards and a nice bookmark, but hey, Lady: That box had *MY* name on it and that stuff is MINE. I don't think that mug belongs to your Woman, Max, unless you say it does. The *nerve* of these Humans!

Wow - that got there fast. We're glad you liked your presents! We thought that black and white kitty on the mug looked a bit like you! Merry Christmas!!!

The Florida Furkids

Cool stuff dudes!

Such nice gifts from the Florida Furkids - and that mug looks just like you, Max!

Very cool Secret Paws ! The mug is gorgeous ! Purrs

What pawsome gifts! Enjoy them. PS: Our Mom finally bought that clock from the man's Etsy shop. She's excited about getting it. It's really gorgeous.

That is quite a nice haul you got there! Hope you have lots of joy from them. Everyone needs a special and thoughtful friend in life. You're awesome, dood!

Max, I think it is a good thing for you to let the Woman use your mug as much as she wants to. In fact, you should make her use it every day because then she would see your face all the time and that would make her think about your needs and wants all the time too! So it's a good thing
From Izzy and his mommy Julie

that is a great secret paws box! (mom likes that mug too)

Good for you, Max!

What an awesome Secret Paws package, Max. Enjoy!

ooh all the those great wrapped prezzies were great BEFORE bein opened and greatafter opening! They all seem great (today is "great" day here).

But is yer Bein SURE that the mug wasn't meant fer YOU ta lick cream out of? We mean, did she CHECK? She just MIGHT be bein a bit grabby in envy...

Wow, you guy hit the jackpot!

Wow, Max, you're scoring some intensely cook stuff this year. First the tree and the bed space behind it then Secret Paws and in a few days Santa.

Nothing like a great sproingy toy! And that wand toy is WOW!