I'm really digging the tree this year

Posted by Max | Posted on 12/17/2013 09:01:00 PM

I mean, look at it. It's loaded with Doctor Who awesomeness, and one of my beds is near it--you can see the corner of it in the picture, there on the lower left--and it's near the fire place thingy.

And even though none of those presents are for me--and that's cool because I ask the people to spend money on toys and stuff because I know Santa will hook me up--I like looking at them. The Woman got all inspired and color-matched presents to people. The blue ones are for the Younger Human and the red and white ones are for the Man (and trust me, it's more even than it looks) and having them stacked like that makes for my absolutely favorite part.

Having everything there makes my nook even more private and I can take nice, quiet, Buddah-free naps, because he never thinks to look behind the tree. Doods, he's not even really playing with the tree this year. And that's a good thing, because the really cool Doctor Who ornaments are glass. Heck, there's another bigger tree in the front room and he's leaving that alone, too, though he gets under it.

That's actually all right. The people bought the skirt thingy just for us, so we'd have something soft to lay on if we wanted to lounge under the tree. I don't use it, really, but Buddah likes it.

There's only a week until Christmas, guys! ONE WEEK! I'm excited because I'm pretty sure Santa will bring me a new nip banana, but I'm also not looking forward to it because that means that not long after the tree will get put away and I'll lose my private space.

I wonder if I can glue the tree down when no one is looking...

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We like hiding under the tree with all the presents. We don't get color coded gifts though because about fifteen years ago when the Woman still sewed, she sewed up a bunch of bags out of fabric that get reused every year.

Max the Mom did a really good job on the tree and the presents. It looks super cozy over there.

Max, your mom is top organized with the color-matching presents ! We like hiding under the tree to choose which ornament we are going to paw and bring down. Purrs

That is a pretty sweet nook you've got! Surely your Mom can come up with an idea to keep it semi-private after the holidays???

Be sure and read this to her so she will get the hint. MOL!

Pee Ess - that tree is pretty cool, too! The human here loves her some Dr. Who!

Max - Your catman cave is a cool hidey spot. Maybe after the tree comes down she couldput some velcro on that botton shelf & hang a fabric door across it. no one could see you in there that way. Buddah seems to be behaving really good this year. even he must like the Dr. Who ornaments too if he's not breaking any of them. The color coded wrapping of the present was real smart of your Human to think of - pretty too. Enjoy your hide out while you can, just don't give Santa a heart attack lurking back there in the dark.

That is an awesome tree!

Max, the tree skirt if the best part!! The deal is not to snooze *on* it but *under* it!

Your tree is awesome, Max. We can't have any presents under ours because we have a tendency to rip the paper off of them.

Your private space looks really cozy and warm. One of the other comments had I right, after the tree comes down why not have the woman put up a long piece of fabric up so it can stay your spot. Plus it'll be dark behind there as well. Buddha wouldn't go back there if he doesn't know it's around.

We lubs your private space...how pawsome is that?

Mom says she loves the tree, though she'll never be so organized as to color coordinate the wrapping paper. Cuz she always runs out in the middle of a present, silly bean.

Ooops we forgots to sign off.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

That cat we had for a year, Patches, peed on our nice blue glitter skirt. Mom was seriously not happy about that. But your tree is awesome and your nappy nook is wonderful!

Your mum should leave the tree up all year long. Just put different stuff on it for the season. Hearts for valentines, shamrocks for St. Pat, eggs for Easter. You get the pattern.

TBT here: A DARLEK and TARDIS tree? And are those Cybermen? And some K-9? The mind boggles. I need neighbors like YOU!!!