Posted by Max | Posted on 7/10/2013 10:29:00 PM

She's still not wearing anything acceptable for me to lounge upon while I'm on her lap.

I'm beginning to think she's doing it on purpose.

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I'm glad I'm not a lap cat - life is much easier!

Humans. Can't live with them, can't leave them by the side of the road when you're done with them.

Man. You'd think she'd grow fur or something by now...

They do that to us, don't they!
I am a beside cat, not a lap cat, so I'm not so frustrated. But I feel your pain!

Maybe she thinks it is too hot to have a lap kitty!

Our lady doesn't usually sit down long enough to have a lap, but she knows that when it's sleep time, HER LEGS BELONG TO ME. And they'd better be covered! A sheet is okay, but I really want to lay on a blanket, between her legs, IN MY SPOT. The past couple days she's slept on top of the bed WITH NO COVERS. I had to curl up on the floor! Good news though - I found that if I just randomly scratch the wall lots during the night, she wakes up and pays attention to me.

You really gotta do something to get her attention, Max.

Laps are a kitty's domain, whether we choose to avail ourselves of them or not!

Time to poop on a pillow.

Max, it's now time to poop on a pillow and then sit on her lap anyway! I know dood....but in your fight for cats ruling the world,this might just make you a real hero! Squishy is better than none at all...right? High four paws!

Well, TBT was gripin about our front claws being JUST slightly out on his skin, so he took a dishtowel an covered his cowardly leg skin. That actally werked great.

Me ... I'm notta lap cat ... But I feel yer pane

Is is too hot for having a kitty in her lap?