I usually dread today...

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/04/2013 10:21:00 PM

I dread it because of the noise at night; not because I'm afraid of all the booming--I'm really not, never have been--but Buddah usually is. During his first July 4th he ran and hid under the bed and I felt like I needed to go hang out nearby where he could see me, just so he wouldn't feel so terrified.

Every year since then the sound of firecrackers going off has freaked him out, and he looks for someplace to wait it out. I check on him, but mostly I just let him know nothing bad is going to happen, then I back off. Hovering was okay when he was a kitten, but since then, I figured he needed to see me walk away like it was no big deal, so that he would understand that it really is no big deal.

Doods, tonight when all the noise started, he didn't run. He's not happy, but he's not hiding. He's sitting here on top of his tall scratching post, and he looks annoyed, but he's out here.

It only took 8 years.

I have to admit, I'm a little bit proud of him, and the crunchy treats we got as a reward for bravery only have a little to do with that. 

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Concats to the Buddah Pest! 8 years is not that long, really.

Paws up, Buddah! You did a great job this year, showing those fireworks they mean NOTHING to you!

Hope it wasn't too bad there. Here it was ok until near the end when it got really loud for a bit.
Not designed by a kitteh, obviously!

Good job Buddah! It has taken me 9 years to sleep on the bed when the Human's in it. I mean, I don't cuddle up or nuffing ::shhudder:: but as long as she keeps her distance, I'll sleep right down at the the end, just far enough away so I am not touching her feet. So I think it's okay that it took you only 8 to not be so askeered of the boomy stuff.

8 years is enough help. But WE still stayed UTB! Well WE are not 8 yet.

Good for him! Gemini was terrified, but Ichiro was unphased...

When I came home 8 years ago the firecrackers were going off all over the place so I thought it was just the way it was, so I don't run & hide. But that's me! Shaggy doesn't like them at all.-Scout

Max, the kaboomers were particularly loud at our house last night. Even the mom was a little freaked out.

Mum stays up with the talking picture box on. That masks the noise and the neighborhood quiets down by 11 PM.

Pawsome job Buddah! We is sure you was his inspiration Max!!!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Concats Buddah and great work Max! You have set a real fine example for Buddah and you both deserve all the crunchy treats you can get! Those boomers are not easy on the ears sometimes!

This news is really awesome!!!

You know, I think you deserve the credit here, Max. You're a good big-brother to show Buddah the way. I suspect it wasn't the 8th year that is significant, rather the 8th TIME that you didn't burst into flames, that made him realize it was probably safe.