I've been blog-blocked the last few days

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/25/2013 06:03:00 PM

Seriously blog blocked. And today is no different; I woke up this morning and had nothing of importance to talk about, but then I went on Facebook and my heart broke.

I really, really like this picture of him...I stole it from his Facebook page.
Some of you guys know Wendell; he used to blog, but the last couple of years he was mostly on Facebook, where he routinely made me snort crap out my nose laughing at the things he posted. He was freaking funny and could out-snark me on even his bad days.

He's had a very hard time of it lately, not feeling well, fighting hard against Teh Diuhbeeteez, and not always winning. The fight got to be 159 kinds of hard and he was feeling miserable and sad, so his mom Carli took him to the stabby place and let him go. She's been fighting hard for him, too, but it was time.

Doods, you have no idea how hard that was for her. Wendell was THAT special. It was just so hard, even though it was exactly what he needed.

If I was going through what he did, it's what I would want for me, too. Now, I believe in the Bridge and all the wonderful things there for me, but Wendell wasn't so sure, and I think that's okay. We're cats; we love a good nap, and if that's what we get, it'll be one glorious nap. But my heart tells me I'll get to see Wendell on the flipside, and when I go, doods, I am going to high five him because he was just that awesome.

Wendell, my man....BRUCE lol...I'm gonna miss you. A lot. You da man, my friend. You da man...

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This is very sad news. We didn't know Wendell but you held him up in high esteem. Any friend of Max's is an uber cool dood. RIP sweet one.
Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

We didn't know Wendell, Max, but it sounds like he was a pretty cool cat. We're sorry that he has gone to the Bridge. Purrs to his mom....

We remember Wendell.
He disappeared and we forgot about him, sad to say, but it's hard to keep up with everykitty.
We are so sad to hear of his troubles and the diabeetes. It's tough on a kitteh (people too, of course but we kitteh's tend to just suffer silently.)
We salute you Wendell. you fought the tough fight...enjoy the sunshine & warm grass at the Bridge.

We are sorry to hear about Wendell. Purrs to his mum.

I didn't know Wendell, and it sounds like I missed out on a really cool cat! Purrs to his human - even the right thing is the hardest thing to do.

Yeah, I logged on after dinner and saw, just had to take a facebreak. The RB is so close still, and Brat isn't out of the woods... my heart hurts for his mom, and everyone who loved him.

We're so sad about Wendall. We didn't know he had a FB page but we did know he wasn't doing well.

The Florida Furkids

We didn't know Wendell but it sounds like he was a pretty great guy. So sorry on losing another friend to the Bridge. Mom says Renn THE ONE WHO CAME BEFORE fought diubeeteez for 8 years before it finally won. Mom mourned him for 8 years before her heart healed enough to love again. She still calls Ralphie Renn sometimes when she isn't thinking. Warm thoughts and head butts to you and Wendell's mom Carli. Mom is having a cry so I am gonna go sit on her lap and purr for awhile......
Marty the Manx

We dint know Wendell. But some day we hope to be such special a cat... Many years from now, of course.

I am so sorry to hear that Wendell ran off to the bridge. I will send good thoughts and purrs to his humans as I know how sad they are. You will be missed sweet one.

Ohhhhhh =(

We are so sorry to hear this about Wendall, but I agree that it was the best decision, given his health. I've been through that, and a friend had to make the decision for me. I'll always be grateful to her ... and never let anotherkitty down again.

Still ... my eyes are leaking for Wendall's family.

Hugs and purrs from Grace & Company ... and prayers for comfort for Wendall's family.

oh no how did we miss this? we are so sad. We loved Wendell - he was really cool

This makes me very sad. I am pretty sure that I used to read and enjoy Wendall's blog. His Mom must be heart-broken.

We lost track of Wendell and were not friends with him on facebook!We are so sad that he is gone.

We have very sad hearts to hear one of the Tabby Cat Club members, Wendell has had to run oft to the Bridge. Run free, Wendell. We'll meet nose-to-nose someday. Purrs...

We didn't know Wendell but Mum knows how hard it is to say goodbye to a dearly loved furry. We will say a prayer for you and feel sure he will
watch over you from Rainbow Bridge.
Take care.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Thanks for the info Max. He was in the Tabby Cat Club and we love him.

Thank you for the lovely tribute, Max. Wendell was such a big fan of yours and your mom's, who taught us a lot about cat stuff.

He did think you could stand to behave better at the stabby place.

Thank you also to everyone for your support. Wendell blogged for a bit, but Facebook was really more his style. Still, I know he enjoyed being a part of the online cat community.

as with many, I did not know WEndell, but any kitty who can live life large like he did, with diabetes, I give 4 paws up for sure...run free and healthy Wendell

It sounds like Wendell was a superb tabby mancat. He was certainly very handsome. We are so sorry that he's gone to The Bridge. We send love and rumbly purrs to his family

Have a good nap Wendell

Gerry & Mungo xx

Max, I am sorry about Wendell. You have lost too many furiends lately, haven't you? It is very hard when kitties Go On and I will purr for Wendell's family and for you too. XOXOXO

Max, we're new to your bloggie and enjoyed reading. But, we didn't know your furriend, Wendall. We're very sorry to hear about his going to the bridge, always very sad.
xoxo Kassey

My grandmas cat just recently died too. 2 days ago to be exact. She looked exactly like Wendell, and she died of diabetes too. She went into diabetic coma and died. We all miss her very much.

It's sad Wendell's time came cause he was so loved. Too many leaving for the bridge while so many tears are shed. We didn't know him on FB.