Can't even enjoy a box in peace...

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/31/2013 10:48:00 PM

See? SEE?

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It was reeeeeeeeeeealllllyyyy nice of you not to make him bleed, Max. You exhibited EXCEPTIONAL self-control.

Admit it, Max - you were enjoying it.

That is a great box. I would have started rabbit kicking with my back paws. It sure looked like he was asking for trouble.

Max dood you really did have great self-control. I would have bit hard and rabbit kicked until that hand was a bloody mess....take that you silly human!
Marty the Manx

Max, it is so nice of you to make sure the Man gets some exercise.

Go Max Go!!!

He started it! You were just defending what was rightfully yours. My human knows better!

I bet you bit him later...

Be careful or we will think you like to play with the man!

You shoulda whapped him harder, Max. ;)

We love world's best cat litter in the multiple cat formula. We're game. (there are 4 furry children in the house currently at all different ages~!)

Max, you have such a tough time with your humans! How ever do you manage them on your crowded work schedule? I think the Man really had a good time getting exercise with you though. It's so good of you to make sure he is getting his time too! You amaze me Sir Max!

Moms all "squeee!" over this video. We agree with the other cat comments...the man should be so grateful you exhibited such magnificent self-control!