Posted by Max | Posted on 7/16/2013 08:24:00 PM


Seriously. The Man put this down on the floor for me and Buddah to share.

Holy smokes it was good. And I did share, even though Buddah seemed to like it better when the Man tore off pieces of meat and just put them on the floor.

There are more pictures here, on FLickr, if you want to see them.

And I even got a new tree thingy that sits by the Woman's desk so I can dictate my thinks to her, and a ginormous new littler box! The steak was from the People, but I think the other stuff came out of my paycheck. And that's okay, because I needed some new stuff.

But man...that steak just made it feel like my birthday!!!

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That sounds pawsome! I saw a bone that looked like that this evening but it was not on a plate for me, which I think was horrible. Not that I'd eat it, mind you as I'm a very picky eater, but they could have offered.

Yum yum yummy ! Loupi and Zorro

You are lucky to get the whole plate!

Max what a special treat for you! You are such a great big handsome feline and I think you are very deserving! SCORE!!!
Keep on being so pawsome you handsome dood!!!

I am SO envious, Max! Neither human eats that, so I will never get that yummy-looking treat. :-(

Oh Max there is so much MEAT on that bone! Hurrah!!!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if they treated you like this every DAY???
Don't fall over if your tongue starts to drool.
Serious bad form, dude.

WHOA! you scored the motherlode

OMC you gots real live dead beefs AND a new tree AND a new box! Are you sure it isn't your birthday?

Maybe you gets more than one this year, MOL!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Okay, we have some serious envy going on.

We've never gnawed a bone before! Look at all that MEAT! :slurp:

Wow Max, real live dead cow... Still on the bone!!!! We've never gotten it on the bone like that before! I think the Mom is afraid we would hurt ourselves or something.

You scored big time Max, you deserve it!

Spunky, Buddy, Honey and Winky (and the Mom)