For the love of Bast, Woman

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/08/2013 10:58:00 PM

PUT SOME PANTS ON SO I CAN SIT ON YOUR LAP!'s been DAYS since she had anything acceptable covering her gross, squishy legs, and I have not had any quality lap time.

No, she's not naked, because that would be really gross and I would need eye bleach, but she wears these thing Lycra shorts and it's LIKE being naked, and it's just WRONG.

Man, I want winter to get here so she's wearing real pants and has the fire thingy turned on.

I miss my fire thingy.

And a non-squishy lap.

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You are welcome to my lap Max! I have pretty long legs and now I get hot flashes so badly that nobody wants to sit near me till I cool off! My one kitty loves my lap but the other doesn't do laps and never has. He prefers his own space nearby within about 5-8 feet of me.

She is not being very cooperative, is she?

I agree, it's pretty inconsiderate. I think you should remind her that you are wearing your FUR COAT in this heat.

Come live with us. Our people have cold legs all year and never wear shorts!

Man I totally get you Max. Totally.

You could come here, Max. We don't have a fireplace but it's hot enough to seem like we do so you could sit anywhere. Only not on my mom, because she's still all "It's too hot for cats."

You would want to avoid our house at all costs, too! Near nekkidness reigns sumpreme here during summer!

I don't like laying on human skin either, Max. Yuck.


Yeah, TBT has been wearin shorts too. He doesnt have squishy legs but we are all a bit casual about our claws and that makes him squirmy when we hit skin.

Hoomin anatomy - unfurrily icky!

hahaha, you are a funny cat - according to our human.

Emma and Buster

Why will she never cooperate?