A Sneak Peek

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/16/2013 08:18:00 PM

First off...instead of doing away with Anonymous comments, I changed it to 2-day moderation. So if you're commenting more than two days after I post something, your comment won't show up immediately; it'll have to wait until my staff gets her lazy asterisk online to approve it. I suspect spam will still sneak through, but we'll wait and see how it goes. I dunno what it is--Blogger used to be so good at catching spam, now most of it filters through.


Something Spiffy This Way Comes!

You're getting a sneak peak at the literary wonder that is *so* close to getting from line editing (it's out of the main editor's hands and into the line editor's) to layout.

This is the first stage of the cover mockup. The front cover will get about 90% done and the back cover will get about 80% done, but the whole thing being tweaked and laid out back-spine-front has to wait until the book has been formatted for print.

If the line editor gets done this weekend--and we've been told he's working on it this weekend instead of saving it for the workweek, because he's just that nice--the print formatting could start this coming week. E-book formatting will follow. I think they do it in that order because it takes longer for the print book to become available once the printer has it; the e-books usually go live about a day after they're uploaded.

I'll also get a few print copies so that I can sign them. That will make them, like, valuable or something.

No word on pricing yet.

But it's coming! I'M GONNA BE FAMOUSER!

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Oh and I love the title. Will you have a biting party for those want to be bitten by you? I bet the Woman would like that.

Mes LOVES the title and what a good idea about the 2 days!

How exciting! We too, love this title. Isn't a pawty in order when this is over?

Happy Sunday! XOXO

Max - The cover pic & title is you in a nut shell. I agree, you will be much more famouser - if that is possible. I especially luv the sweet expression on your face. That will certainly boost sales,

THat is the best picture and title!

How exciting, Max! I can't wait!

That title says it all, Max. We can't wait.

Such a great picture! And you don't like to pose, I'm amazed. BratCat is walking around muttering about getting an allowance so he can have his own copy. Love the final title, it's more you.
And it sparks.

We loves the title! Can't wait for mum to get us a copy. We are proud to know you since you were less famouser.

We hope your change helps the nonny-mouse comments. We rarely get any now and we keep it at 4 days.

Awesome title dood! And I agree PAWTY! Lets have some of those wonderful fresh live dead SHRIMP!!! I have some in the freezer and will have some in your honor on the day the book comes out!

Pawesome title! We cans hardly wait to read it.

You is such a smart kitty!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Book or no book, Sadie's still in love with you...just sayin'

that made mom BOL in her happy voice.
your pals, Morgan & Maisie

Well of COURSE that is the title! How PURRRRFECT! We likez you Maxx. You is one Spot On Kitteh!
Ms. Stella O'Houligan

We are waiting with bated fish breath!