This guy is ticking me off

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/14/2013 09:03:00 PM

I bet he's not even really that cute...
He keeps leaving comments without saying who he is.

He keeps trying to get kitties to go visit other websites, where he's just gonna try to sell them things.

He isn't trustworthy, and he's annoying as chit.

So it's his fault that I am now going to have to disallow Anonymous comments. I'm tired of all the spam that makes it through, and all the moderating of comments that don't.

Anyone can still leave comments and I won't enable word verification because that's just annoying, but you'll need to sign in with something to do it. If you have a gmail account, Blogger takes that as a Google sign in. It also takes Open ID so I think you can sign in with Wordpress and a bunch of other things, or you can fill out your name and URL.

But no more Anonymous, and I apologize. I am generally opposed to limits on commenting, but the spam scum is driving me a bit bonkers.

If this turns out to be a pain, I can revert to allowing Anonymous again, but then I'll have to turn on word verification.

Lemme know which you prefer.

I'll make the change tomorrow, I chime in.

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Yep, he's a jerkface

Mes has been doing that for a year now, has yous noticed?
Mes gots so mad at him 18 Months ago, me left Blogger.
If yous is logged into Blogger or Wordpress, yous can posts on my site (but me has a wordpress site me don't knows if it works the same on blogger)
Mes hopes yous can erradicate him.
Me is with yous 100%
Now that Kozmo has become a Hot Man Cat of the Blogosphere, should be be allowed to eats first?

That anonymous guy ticks me off too! How he is getting through all the time now is beyond me! And some people with real names get in my spam folder! Argh! Anyway, if I knew how to block anonymous I'd probably do it too, but then again, my niece and cousin like to comment occasionally and they are both anonymous. sigh

Yo Max! ANYTHING but the hated Word Verification!!!!

Nice to see you, Buddy! Hope you and the Peeps and even Buddah had a good Valentine's Day! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Maybe he's trying to leak super secret information about you. Isn't that what anonymous does?

mom says to say she doesn't mind word verification.
your pals Morgan & Maisie

However you want to do it works fine for me! I have a Blogger profile so I'm covered, and while I don't really care for word verification, I don't hate it the way some other readers do.

While we don't comment often, we love your blog. It's one of the sites we visit daily. Even the cat who came before enjoyed it. We understand, and we will continue to read your words of wisdom. Thanks so much for the your wonderful insights into cat thoughts.

Beverly, Purrl and Deuce

While we don't comment often, we love your blog. It's one of the sites we visit daily. Even the cat who came before enjoyed it. We understand, and we will continue to read your words of wisdom. Thanks so much for the your wonderful insights into cat thoughts.

Beverly, Purrl and Deuce

i have been getting that too. buggers. but i cannot do that word verification, i try two times and if it doesn't work i leave. i get so frustrated.

smiles, auntie bee

For all our lives we've eaten the food our mums brings home by working for the government, and we're fat enough to know she's pretty good at following the rules. Whatever you feel is necessary to safeguard your site is fine by us!
Catsrbeteer Crew, Casey, Buffee Moon, Cody and Angel Mae

Mommy has to review all the comments and that's why you don't see any of that nasty anonymouse stuff in our comments. It's a pain to review them all, but mommy HATES WORD VERIFICATION and that's the only way around it she knows. It's in her leave your comment comment, too!
Mommy said something about it saves her sanity, but I personally doubt that.

Mom hates Anonymous, too. She knew something was wrong when we had 43 comments in one day! We usually only get 7 or 10 maybe 14 in two day!

Anonymous had commented so many times Mom had to really search for the real comments!

WE always sign in to comment!

Unfortunately, not all of us have a gmail account or a URL. Plain old email from comcast....

Hey Max,

We both don't like anonny-mouse comments, but we turned on comment moderation for posts over 4 days old. You can select how many days.

We also only allow registered users to comment, no more nonny mouses. We used to get really strange comments on really old posts. Now we get a few, but not many.

We get very little spam.

Mum says word verification is a PITA as some of them are very fuzzy photos and hard to read.

We are sorry this is happening, but we like the registered user thing the best.

Our mom says she has not allowed anonymous comments on our blog and there isn't much spam. She's not a big fan of word verification 'cuz she makes mistakes, MOL

Us...we doesn't care one way or the other, MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

We haven't allowed anonymous comments for several months now. Blogger used to be good at catching spam but seems to be letting a lot through lately.
We have a couple of followers who don't blog but opened a blogger account just so they could comment. It is another option for those genuine anonymous commenters. We hate the word verification and at one time sometimes had to refresh it 4 or 5 times. Now if it doesn't work first time we move on.

We support you completely, Max! We eliminated Mr Anonymouse a while ago. We only had ONE friend (that we knew of who used that, and he signed up for a basic Goggle account. We havent had anny problems about it.

Crap! Anonymous ruins it for everyone.

Mighty Kitty here and I cannot blame you, Max! The lil twerp is a PITA and it is just as well. Really sorry but just do it! I would rather have to sign in my account than see you spammed.

Ya! Alla sudden we has been over run with that cretin! We have had moderation turned no but it is sometimes a pain.
Ms Stella

i love u physcokitty

i love u physcokitty

i love u physcokitty

please dont dissolow anymous comments. i love ur books and blog. It makes my day when u post. i dont have email or any other accounts.. so please. Dont.

Maybe I should feel neglected and unloved. Even though I don't have Word Verification of any other restrictions, I almost never get visited by A. Nonny Mouse. What's up with that?