Posted by Max | Posted on 2/22/2013 05:24:00 PM

Since the people are officially old, they went out to have dinner at 4 in the freaking afternoon, like all good little AARP members do.

When they came home, there was steak.

We're talking the really good, really tender, perfectly cooked real live fresh dead cow. The kind that makes you start drooling as soon as you smell it.

Well, the Woman cut up some for us, in perfect little cat sized bites and gave me a plate with some, and gave Buddah a plate with some, plus a couple of crunchies because he won't eat people food without a crunchy topper.

So I ate mine, and when I was done...well, Buddah wasn't, so I jumped on the counter and finished it for him.


The Woman saw this and sighed, but Buddah walked away like he didn't care. He probably did, at least a little, but what's he gonna do? I already chewed and swallowed it.

And then, to rub it in, I jumped onto his tree and plopped down on his favorite spot.

He didn't seem to kind, but the Woman...heh..."Damn, you can be a dick sometimes, Max."

Yes. Yes I can.

And I'm fine with that.

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hey if he aint sayin nuttin then its all good

"Chewing and swallowing" overcomes all complaints... Like "what, you want it back"?

Hey when those AARP people go out early you get to eat earlier too... jus sayin... At least they brought you some food back. Our people are human garbage pails. We're lucky if we get a sniff of food on their breath... Phufff.

Hey, if Buddah didn't mind, the Woman shouldn't have said anything. After all, you didn't eat her steak or steal her favorite spot.

If Buddah had a problem, he would cry to the Woman!

Max, I see nothing wrong with your behavior. Kitties see an opportunity and they take it. Simple. I don't know why humans think this is a bad thing.

It's good to be King.

Ummm Ummm... steak. Okay not really. I never touch anything the Woman has had near her mouth. I'm weird I know...

You could always yak it up for him. (It would still be warm.)

Max, you ROCK! You got steak, Buddha walked, and then you got the sweet spot! And he didn't even care. He's learning!! At last!!
Black and white kitties RULE.

Mighty Kitty here. Max I understand your Kitty thinks but I have to ask how you would feel if Buddah did that to you. I tell my two cats to make sure they look out for each other and they do that! It isn't fun at times but they found they get more crunchy treats by taking care of each other than being just mean. Sorry Max but that is the way I see it.

MOL!!! Awesomely cat of you, Max, good work!

Mighty Kitty, are you new to Max's world? LOL

Did you still get stinky goodness? And oh yes, snacky treats for dessert?

No Char. I am not new to Max's world. I just do not have to agree with everything when it is contrary to my values. I tell it like I see it.

If yous had whapped him, me thinks yous would has fone too far, but as it is, yous is the Alpha cat...right!?


That introoder Patches has started doing that to me. That little old dude snarfs his food down, then has the gall to stick his face in my bowl and push me outta the way. He thinks he can be alpha cat. His comeuppance is near. -Shaggy

Yeah, if you eat slow you can expect the speedy eater to move in. Ducky is such a slow poke eating.

Oh wow, we see you went to full comment moderation.

Our mom says there is 2 kinda kitties - the quick kitty & the hungry kitty. Aren't ya glad u r quick? Also, I would guess that any cat named Buddah is a Budist and I don't think they is supposed to eat cows anyway, so you did Buddah a favor by eatun his steak. You may be a dick Max, but you is a dick with a full tummy (tee hee).