Aw, Pete...

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/17/2013 08:27:00 PM

First time I saw this picture, I howled with delight. I mean, that was a kitty with spunk, with attitude. The Internets loved him, too, because I saw him on Fark and reddit and a couple other places. It was a while before I found out who he was...and then it was DUH, that was Peter Pete from PurrChance2Dream.

Okay, so sometimes I don't pay attention as close as I should. But I still love this picture.

I always will.

Pete grew into one heck of a handsome mancat, so awesome that I think somewhere along the line we must be related. Two black and white tux boys, both Freaking Sweet...surely we share a common ancestor.

Yesterday Pete had to be rushed to the emergency vet. From the time I found out until I got the news update today, I had paws crossed and was hoping hard that he would somehow be okay, but it seems he needed to go off to the Bridge. We're all upset and 20 kinds of sad, but NTM and iDaddy are heartbroken.

Pete's gonna have a wicked awesome time at the Bridge, but still...NTM and iDaddy and all the Purries have these huge Pete sized holes in them now.

Petey, we'll see you on the flip side. Party hard, have more fun than a guy ever should, and make sure you find where the Cheetos are, so you can show me when I get there.


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We were so sad to hear about Pete. We know Sweet Praline welcomed him to the bridge, but that there is a big hole in the CB.

We are sad too that Pete had to leave us. Purrs to NTM and iDaddy. RIP, Peter will be missed.

Awww, we hated to hear this. Big purrs goin out to his family. XOXO

We were really sad that Pete needed to go to the Bridge. We will miss him and we know NTM and iDaddy are super sad and miss him a lot too.

The Florida Furkids

I was so very sad when I heard. Many purrs to his family. We all will miss Pete lots.

Max, (Mighty Kitty here) sweetest cat ever, just don't be too quick to follow Petey! You would leave a ginormous hole in our hearts that would never be filled!!! Keep on keeping on, Max!

This is a very sweet post. We were sad to hear about Pete, and left purrs and hugs for hims family.

Definitely gonna miss that guy

Very heartfelt and beautiful post, Max. Such sad news. :-(

Pete was a beautiful boy! Fun free sweetie!

We are gonna miss that little "Stinky Pete"

We are all sads on this too. He was a good little dude.

Awww. im so sorry. hes iz soo cute. Im sending prayers his familys way..

It always makes us sad when another kitty runs to Bridge. We's happy to know Petey had a great furever family who loved him to the end.

We is sorry you've lost a friend but we knows you'll get a chance to play together again someday.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku (& Mom Eileen)

We went over right away. Sorry we forgot to come back here and mention it then! We kinna got lost on the links.

It's always sad to lose family (which furkids are, without a doubt). condolences to Pete's family & his friends.
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