I Writed A Book...

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/27/2012 10:02:00 PM

...and not to brag or anything, but it would be a terrific Christmas present for people who are owned by cats. And, you know, of you ordered one NOW, it would get here in plenty of time for the holidays. Amazon lists it as 1-3 weeks, but doods, they order it right from the distributor and the distributor drop ships, so it would probably get there sooner.

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I have a couple of other books, too.

 This is the book that started me off on my literary stardom trajectory. 

You want to give this to people, too.

It's on Amazon, B&N, and other places. Usually on sale.

My second book is only available on Cafepress. Something hiccuped in distribution years ago and while the Woman was sorting it out, she "misplaced" the print file. Someday she'll re-do it, but you can still get it.

The first one is funny.

The second might be even funnier.

All of them, you can also get for your e-reader if you have a Kindle app. They're all listed on the Woman's Amazon Author Page. Yeah, they gave her a page. As if she does all her own work...

Thus concludes my annual self pimping. I don't like to do it very often, but once in a while a guy has to remind everyone that he has swag for sale. And mine is BRILLIANT, dangit!

Plus... a lot of what I make goes to kitties in need. So, you're getting awesome books AND giving to others. It's a win-win!

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Oh boy! Gotta add those to my wish list!

Mom has those and is waiting for the next!

Shhhh!! I have them and ordering some for friends! Don't tell!

Max, we got your first book and we loved it! But we didn't know you had a second one! We gotta get that one too!

Mom bought the "Diary of a Mad Housecat" one for her Kindle first... She loved it so much that she bought the other ones too, and has read and loves them all. She would read them to us after dinner while we were getting ready to nap. She even told her best friend and a co-worker about your books - they both love kitties - and they both bought them all too, and they love your books too, Max.

Mom says she can relate because Spunky does the nose thingy to her when she's sleeping, too! We're all waiting (trying to be patient) for your next book so Mom can read more of your stories to us!

xoxo. Winky. >^..^<

We have it. And its GREAT!

As an unpaid (dangit) endorsement we can vouch for all three books!
They are terrific reads, all with Max's unique personality shining through on every page.
Go ahead, buy all three. Treat yourself, you'll never regret it.

Oh man another great book! We have put in our request for it with our human. She better get on it or there will be big trubble.

I can testify: These are some great books, dammit! Get out there and buy them--you WON'T be sorry!

Shoot. Sometimes I think I'm the only kitty with no swag of my own. My Human's too lame to help me. (Or perhaps "talentless" is the word?) Anyway, everytime I bring up something like this, she gives me the Ebil Eye and says, "You're lucky I help you blog, Spitty. Remember that." Sigh.

Uhm, Max, dood, who is jealous of you or something to keep spamming your blog? At first I thought it was secret code to rise up and overthrow the hoomins but then I remembered, thumbs first, THEN revolution!

Max!!! Dood?! You should've warned me that your "Toothy Death" book was soooo funny! When I accidentally snort from laughing so hard at your journal entries, the people on the train look at me like I'm the one that's weird...go figure..

Hehehehe :)