Oh Noes...

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/16/2012 05:27:00 PM


This was probably the last Twinkie I will ever have tasted, and I didn't even know it at the time, and it was over a YEAR ago, and I didn't get enough of it to make the taste last forever! How can they go out of business? I NEED MY TWINKIES! This bites the great big hairy one...

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*Heavy sigh*

We are majorly depressed about the twinkies.

Mum says someone will by the brand and make them again.

Yeah...our Mom is bummed.

The Florida Furkids

I didn't know about this. Twinkie lovers must be quite upset.

I did read one time that Twinkies can last for hundreds of years, so maybe someone has stocked up on them.

Well, Max, there goes your Twinkie defense.

Hey, we LUFFED that last picture of you with your precious little pink tongue showing. It's just ADORABLE says the Human. Sorry Dood, I didn't want her to write that, but I don't got the Thumbs around here.

My human does NOT like Twinkies - can you believe it?! She does like some of the other chocolate goodies they made, though. She also thinks some other corporation will buy the brand and continue making some of these products... probably not the ones she likes, though, since they were probably less popular!

My human is with Sparkle. She doesn't like the Twinkies or anything else they make. Of course, someone will probably buy up the company and keep them going!

And all those people that were on strike? They get to go home and not have hobs now. And we do not get any more Twinkies and HoHo's ! We did heat that Hostess may sell the recipes to other companies! WE can only hope!

If you look on ebay, that twinkie is now worth about $200,000! Too bad you dont still have it!

My favorite were the orange cupcakes. Oh well, I am sure I can find something else (bad for me) to eat. Hope you can, too.

Mom says she'll miss the Chocolate cupcakes the most. She misses the old Twinkies, says the cream in the middle doesn't taste like it did when she was a kid (she's OLD). But she agrees, somebody will probably buy the stuff.

Apparently---we will still have Wonder Bread and Twinkies up here in Canada.
Purrhaps me can smuggle them across the border and mail them to yous!

Psst Ichiro tagged you for The Next Big Thing on our blog for Monday's post.

the next big thing is thanksgiving because

Alright, this what I think would make the gas prices plummet!

On thanksgiving day Lets all stop driving! srsly



(paid for by a non company called seed (still
not kidding))

We've never had a Twinkie but we think we'd like the white stuff in it. Maybe we'll get some whipped cream instead!

Happy Thanksgiving, Max, Buddah and the Humans! Hope you all have a treat filled day and a Twinkie for dessert.
(We hear there's a buyer for Hostess on the horizon so maybe that won't be your Last One Ever.)

We are sure SOME BEINS will make more of them Max.

And Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you!