Hollow Weenies

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/01/2012 09:06:00 PM

Okay, so last night the people left the front door open (there’s a screen so no kitty can escape) and then turned the fireplace thingy on because they got cold. Now, I’m not complaining about the fire because there’s not much better than baking on one’s left side, then flipping over to bake on the right side. For me, that was a total score.

But then the Woman put a bowl of candy by the door, and I knew I wasn’t going to like what came next, because when that happens what comes next are a bunch of sticky little people ringing the doorbell and begging for handouts.

Little doods out there, just get a freaking job already. Buy your own candy.

I was torn; stay and bake by the fire or go hide in a bedroom. I decided to stay, at least until the second batch of little beggars showed up.

Man, guys, I was by that fire so long that I actually wanted to get away from it for a little while. It took for-freaking-ever for any kids to show up, and when they did they didn’t even ring the doorbell. They just stood there looking like pint sized stoners, hoping someone would notice they were there. Lucky for them, Buddah got about 3 kinds of excited and that made the Woman notice, so she got up and gave them each a couple pieces of candy.

Oddly—I thought it was odd since they didn’t say anything when they got there—they all said Thank You quite nicely.

It was almost a whole other hour before another kid came, and that kid was the last kid. I think the Woman was a little bit disappointed; she only got to give candy to 5 kids, and if a person is going to sit there with cold air coming in the door, they kind of want it to be worth the effort.

Me, I was just happy for mostly quiet, and a nice fire.

Now we just have to wait for Thanksgiving so we can have turkey, and after that… SANTA!

Oh yeah, doods, TIME TO BE GOOD!!!

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We must have had 40 and we kept having to run upstairs and hide every time the doorbell rang. And yes the TV room is in the back of the house so the woman had to run all the way through the house to answer the door. She said the Male should do it as he was the one who wanted a big huge house...

Be good? Why, Sandy Claws brings us stuff even when we is bad...he knows cats, dude, being good all the time is way to hard.

We agree! It's crunch time. Good luck, furriends!

I'm sure glad this 'Halloween' doesn't seem to be a thing here...

We had about 50 of the sticky beans show up here!! We like Thanksgiving better because it includes Turkey!

The Florida Furkids

Pretty sure I'm scoring zilch this year, but I sure did have fun!!!

Our doorbell rang about 5:15 and my mom got all excited, grabbed the candy and flew downstairs...only to find it was a neighbor inquiring as to whether she was going to the homeowners' association meeting a hundred eons from now. After that, zip. We all hid for nothing.

We had ove 80 sticky beasts! Me loves to watch. Crunch time? be good?
Me usually waits until the week before Christmas before me uses those words.

We never get trick or treaters since we live so far out (and behind a locked gate [no, it's not an asylum]).

That's five more kids than we got! The fire sounds great though!

Max, we had a boatload of those sticky peeps come to our door..and some bigger ones too. What's up with that?? Anyway, I was really brave and actually went right up to the door. Everything was fine, until one of them called me Garfield. As if!!!


We did not have the light on but did not hear any kids out! It was a strange night

We had about 45-50 (mom lost count when they started arriving in hordes)of the little critters. Mom thought there was some cute costumes, but other than Saku we stayed away from the door!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Fire. Warm. Good...

You know, Max, the WORST thing about having so few children come trick or treating is that the Humans have all that "leftover" candy. Yeah, they HATE that. Next year, maybe you could convince them to hand out bags of Temptations and then hope NO Little Sticky Persons come to your door at all!