Posted by Max | Posted on 11/15/2012 08:24:00 PM

Great, the people are back, but dangit, the Woman brought home cooties, and all she's doing is sitting here coughing and sneezing, which means sitting on her lap is not comfortable at all. As soon as I start to snooze? COUGH SNEEZE SNEEZE SNEEZE COUGH.

I Googled "sneeze" and this came up. Go figure.
Oh yeah. Her sneezes come in threes. Almost always.

On the plus side, she sleeps a lot when she doesn't feel good, so at least there had been some warms during my mid-day nap. She's quite the heater sometimes.

I think she needs to stop going places, though, because every damned time, she gets a cold.

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Humans should just stay home with us all the time. And order us tuna in.

Rumbles has a most excellent idea. We like the idea of the Mommy being our own purrsonal heating device. MOL! Tell the Mommy to feel better soon. xoxoxo

My human is something of a hermit, and she rarely gets ill. I think you are onto something, Max!

Threes, huh? We'll watch out fer those. But TBT never gets catchy stuff.

But there is ALLUS a first time, right? So we dont want Bein flu-cooties...

I hope she gets better soon because until she does, you always have to worry about the buggers in your food.

Sick humans are a pain in the paw. Really, Max, just don't let her out any more!

On call whim catering should be a requirement for a kitty staff position.
Shorts guys should deliver toys, snacky treats, nip, stinky goodness, and real live fresh dead things on demand.
Hope your Woman gets rid of those cooties though, she seems a decent sort, for a hoomin.

I sneeze in threes too

Aww, hope your mom feels better soon! It's the change of climate, even if it's only a little change... makes me all snuffy nosed and stuff..
Sneeze! MOL!

Oh man, Max, too bad your human is feeling crappy. We hope she's better soon.

Hope she gets better soon!

WE are sorry she has cooties.

What an adorable little pink nose you have!