The People Hath Returned

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/12/2012 03:53:00 PM

So. The People went to Vegas for some fun and to see things that made them laugh, and I'm pretty sure they spent a lot of money on things but they did NOT bring me home a present. But I'm not too upset, because we got the Grandma while they were gone, and the Grandma is very nice.

They took a lot of pictures, but the Woman is in recovery mode (going places takes a lot out of her, just the suckitude of being her) but when she isn't so tired, she'll let me pick a few to show you.

Last year he was C3PO
In the meantime... The Younger Human (they took him along) is gearing up to do his Polar Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics. He does this every year; he puts on a funny costume and he and his friend raise a lot of money, and then they jump into the cold, cold water. This year, they're dressing up as characters from Super Mario Brothers, and he's going to be Luigi.


If he hits his fundraising goal, he's going as Princess Peach, and there will be pictures to share. Doods, he's like 6'2" and all hairy, so being a princess HAS TO HAPPEN.


He's also offering prizes, like the Woman does for the boobie walks. In a couple of weeks, one of his donors is gonna win a Kindle Fire HD...all it takes is $5, and for every $5 you donate, you get a chance. So, like, $10 = 2 chances. $20 = 4. And so on.

Just think...a really spiffy tablet computer, just in time for Christmas! You can give it to yourself, or give it to someone else as a present!

I really really really really really really want one of my friends to win this instead of one of the Woman's friends. I mean, hers are nice and all, but mine are WAY COOLER.

But mostly...I want to see him all dressed up like a princess.

Please help me make that happen...

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Well of course we are way cooler. And Princess time? This dressing thing runs in the family doesn't it? How did you escape it Max?

Dood, no present for Max?????
Whoa. Major what the frak time!
And Oh yeah, Princess plunge, covered.

He sure goes all out! That water must be mighty chilly.

OMC, I want to see him go as a Princess too!

I'm a little short this year, but I am definitely contributing to Operation Princess Peach! :D

He will make a great princess!

Yay for the Younger Human. I will make Mom make a donation as soon as I can. I wanna see him dressed up as a princess. Mom says thank you for all the kind words about Herman. Oja and I know that she loves us very much, but Herman was really special to her.


The younger human is a brave one to take the plunge every year!

Hello we're Emma and Buster and we just stumbled upon your blog. You are very funny. We loved reading your old posts.

Emma and Buster


Bite them...

No present for the Kitties? That's just an outrage. You can come hang out here if you want.