Feeling a bit blog-blocked...

Posted by Max | Posted on 12/06/2012 07:08:00 PM

...so here's a picture of me.

This is what happens when a person traps you in the bathroom with them. Unflattering pictures. And they keep taking pictures until they realize that they're in the bathroom, and anyone on the other side of the door would be able to hear the clicky clicky clicky of the shutter, and that's just not something they want to have to explain...

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I mean no one has ever taken photos of me in there, but I hate having to lie around being told how cute I am. I am beautiful not cute, you know?

From the look on your face, it appears that your mama suffered from the vapours while using her swirly litter box. Poor Widdle Maxie!

Sending a kiss to the end of that adorable nose! ::smooch::

Hehe... it's funny how they can get distracted taking pictures of us, no matter where they are.

We like Jasper McKitten-Cat's comment.

You should do some self-shots!
I see a bunch of them, especially in bathrooms for some odd reason, which is the last place I would want to take a picture of myself, but hoomins do it a lot.

Ya know... I wonder what people in the house thought when Leo and I spent a lot of time hiding from Star in the bathroom... Just talking and singing and having a grand old time! That was when he was new and Star didn't think he should be allowed upstairs, much less in her favorite water drinking room!

Poor you! You looked so zoned out!

I wish you hadn't mentioned the bathroom, Max - my human will probably drag me there for the next photo session. It gets that all-elusive "good lighting."

That's quite the "in your face" shot, Max.

Oh my cod da visual of da whole scene made da lady burst owt laffin!

But my Quinn-cave is in the bathroom! And mommy keeps threatening to take her camera in there. And has.
Good thing we are the only ones here.

So they put the flashy box on a shelf with a note attached that say's "Pictures of you too, don't look?"

One of my best photo shoots was in the human litterbox room, good lighting. Mum just cropped the bad stuff out.


Um, do you have a kitty tower in the BAFFROOM? Or is that ::shudder:: the top of the, well, you know? HA HA MEOW!

Ah Max! Another indignity in a long line of indignities!

Ha ha ha Spitty, I was on the floor. The Woman was on the you-know-what...