Don't Believe Her!

Posted by Max | Posted on 10/29/2012 09:33:00 PM

Oh, the Woman is telling everyone this is dye, but doods, I'm gonna tell you what it really is.

This is what happens when you tell Max No one time too many.
This is what happens when the Mighty Paw and Teeth of Doom are deployed.
Oh yeah, your head will be bloodified!


I mean it.

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I'm worried Your Woman night be some kind of Spock-ish alien if her bluuds is really that color. Yes, I know Vulcan Bluuds is green, but maybe they has cousins or sumfing. Watch out. Remember ALF.

Dood, when you said pink thinks are happening, I never imagined this! Is it contagious? Keep your tail away from her ear, just in case...

Could be pie-filling. Mmmmmm. But, what's it doin on her ear???

NEVER cross you, my friend! NEVER!

Um, Max, blood is RED. I see magenta.

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It was only a matter of time. We knew you'd snap.

Happy Blogoversary!!! We left a message at that post but this deserves multiple mentions! Happiest of Happy Blogoversaries.....and many more!


You go Max! Now, I need to get an ear around here...

Well, I guess you gave her an earful.

P.S. I hope that is dye.

but...din you forget sumfing? you left teh ear attached. betta luck next times.

Bast, Max, ya even got bloods all over her HAIR! Pawsome!

Spitty is on the right track, but the wrong species! it's Klingon blood that's fusha/burgandy and all bright! Apparently, your mom's hair bleeds.. did she just cut it?

Max...are you sure YOU did that??? ;)


Hmmm, and does she taste wonderful?

I'll never cross you Max! I like my ears.

Just wondering, where was Buddah when this went down?


Was that your Woman's Halloween Costume, Max?