When she first got sick but she's better now
Ok, so the Woman has been sickly of late, but in the last week or so she's gotten a whole lot better, and is back to grumbling about not being able to fall asleep at night because she had caffeine too late in the day or she got caught up in surfing online too late. This had to be a relief to the Man, because with her just lounging around doing a lot of nothing, he had to do things for her, and finally she was doing everything for herself.

But then a few days ago she felt so good she decided to rearrange bedroom things, and after she had gotten everything out of this ugly and otherwise useless TV stand (that never had a TV on it, go figure) she bent over to pick it up, and all the sudden things were ouchy.

She hadn't even lifted it yet. She just...broke.

Now, nothing was broken-broken, or torn, or anything like that, just strained and ouchy. But it meant that she couldn't finish rearranging things herself.

Yep. The Man had to do it.

He didn't grumble about it or anything, he just did it. She sat in the living room, he finished the job for her. And then he took her out to dinner, because she was obviously not going to get off her asterisk and cook anything.


That must have been the final straw, because Saturday he left the house and he hasn't been back since. I'm not sure she knew what his intent was, because she actually kissed him and said “Have fun!” as he was headed out. Even the suitcase he left with didn't clue her in.

So here's it's Monday and he hasn't come back, and I don't think she realizes that. She's doing all the things she normally does, like sit there in her chair and play online, watch TV, eat crap, and tell me over and over that it's not time to eat yet when it's clear that I am hungry.

At first, I just thought he was heading out to pass gas, and she even said something about him learning new gas passing things, but he always comes back the next morning. Always. And he gives us crunchies when he comes home, and then opens a can of stinky goodness before he goes to bed.

Yesterday and today...we had to rely on the Woman to get up and feed us. And let me tell you, she does NOT get up in time for breakfast.

I'm not sure what point we make her realize the Man hasn't come home and she might be the reason why. I mean, sure, it's not her fault for getting sick, but a guy can only take so much.

We might all be doomed. I'm pretty sure he's the one who bought all my food. I kinda need him.

I think I'm gonna go treat something of hers to a toothy death.

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Max, perhaps it's better to let her figure that out in her own time. Then when she's really depressed, you'll just be what she needs for comfort and then to make sure you stay, you'll get a ton of treats.

We hope things are going to be okay. We agree with Chey and Gemini about being a comfort to your mom.

Our mom does what your man does, she heads out the door with a suitcase and we don't see her for days! Yeah, there's the human sister and brother still here but they are lousy at feeding us on time.

We sure hope your man gets back soon or your woman wakes up earlier.

(or maybe you could all just chill and recognize you don't entirely rule the house!)

OMC she said that out loud!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

Holy moly, Max! My mom hopes the Woman didn't do something to her back like my mom did 2 years ago because, boy that was bad bad bad.

Max, for goodness sakes...take care of your mommy because she takes care of you. Give her some head butts too. xxoo

Meh. He'll be back. The same thing happens with my human's boyfriend all the time. The only difference is you actually want your male human to return, and I am indifferent to my human's boyfriend.

maybe he's just going out to find his mojo?? Hopefully he'll be back before she over does it again

I wanna know different techneeks for passing gas to teach my Dadperson & so does Momlady. She offered to pay him not to pass gas last night and said it smelled like he had eaten roadkill, but he didn't bring any home for me. Maybe if your Woman eats some roadkill she can teach your Man new gas passing at home, and you won't have to worry about being fed in a timely manner, i.e., when you say it's time.
And you might get some roadkill out of it.

We say give it a couple more days. But more impawtantly, even if he doesn't come back, make sure lots of foods and treat money does!

The longest mum has left with a bag is three days. Do you think he got lost?

Dear Max, it sounds like your Mum needs a vacation. She's lucky to have you and Budha to take care of her. The man will be back. How could he resist you?

Oh dear! Where, oh where, could he be?!?!

Ooh, he's moved away. Max, you should probly call the Police. The Gass-Passer is probly in Las Gatas, er Vegas, scritching girlcats of questionable virtue. Check the bank account too.

Oh, Max! what will you do!

max, dood,
i think yer dad ran owtta gas.
dat'z it.
da end.