It's almost one in the freaking morning.

I was here in the office, on top of my tower, sleeping, minding my own freaking business.

The Woman, however, went to bed and her brain was not sleepy yet, and it started imagining things...usually she imagines book things so it's all right, but tonight the first thing her brain went to was me having to be rushed to the stabby guy because I was all kinds of not feeling good, and then her brain went to the dark side of the stabby place, where kitties don't come home, so she got out of bed and went looking for me.

So she realized I was in here, and instead of just, you know, checking to make sure I'm breathing all right, she flips the freaking light on and when I give her the Toothy Death Glare she says, "Oh hi. I'm sorry I woke you but I wanted to be sure you were okay."



What am I getting for all this? NOTHING. You'd think she'd at least give me a crunchy treat, but no. And you think now that she knows I'm fine and it's just her freaky-assed brain at work that she would turn the light off and let me go back to sleep, but no.

Apparently we are going to work now.

In the middle of the night.

I am a noid.

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While it is good that she checks you are OK< just remember that you will get your revenge, as eventually she will have to sleep and then you can sneak up on her!


Humans think too much! Sheesh.

My woman woke me once an hour all fluffing night! She had been somewhere this week (not that I really noticed except there was more room on teh bed, I still got fed on time) where they woke her every fluffing hour an she says she has to normal sleeps. At least mine felt bad, and gave me a good all down my back skritch, and even a few treats! Dood, hoomins are so hard to train, you can't let this get out of hand or you will never get your 18 mandatory hours of snoozes. Perhaps a few well-placed hairballs are in order, or one she can't help noticing, like right on her chest when she wakes.

Bob said you can't be a noid, because a noid is a geek from Brooklyn.


Humans. Can't live with 'em, can't leave 'em by the side of the road when you're done with 'em.

We'd say just ditch her, but you need her thumbs! MOL!

That was rude, but sweet! At least you know she cares!

Maybe you're a noid, but you're a handsome noid.
And it was very sweet for your mom to worry about you.
Come on, admit it!
She cares.

Next time look a little sicker so that she can think she has to test to see if you're interested in food... then you get treats. I mean how can she know you're well if she doesn't check to see if you're eating?

That is so wrong. She has to sleep sometime so when she is, do something loud, very loud. Anything, just make sure you scare the bejeebers out of her.

Hope you are feeling better now.


When Mommy or Daddy interupts my sleeps, me makes sure that me plays great thundering herd of wildebeast all over them - right after they goes to sleep every night after that for week.

Wake you up and keep you up in the middle of the night? That is so wrong.

Making note to use that

Well, Max, although we'd like to sympathize with you, my Human has had those sudden dark thoughts and she feels really sorry for your Mom. She has done things just like that so she understands that your Mom just HAD TO get up and make sure.

It's a little freaky that she stayed up, though. Did she wake Buddah up too?

Our mom gets eerie thoughts too and sometimes they turn out to be right. She's psychadelic or what ever the word is.