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You poor thing. Tell us where to send them!

*mailing some noms*

Whoa! You must need them really bad!

*calling fed-ex*
Looks like an emurgencee!

They are on the way!

Sorry, I'm not giving away MY treats! But if you get sent some will you please share with this poor hungry desparate defenseless damsel cat in the lovely cold state of Minnesnowta? Please???
Ha! You thought YOU were greedy. I can do it with CHARM!

Do you have a favorite flavor or brand?

We're heading to the post office right now!

They're on the way, Man. Remember the password when the button man comes to the door. He'll be wearing a Nip Leaf in his lapel.

Oh and P.S. Thanks for feeling my pain, Max. No, I never did get to use my naughty bits before being tutored last week, but I sure liked them anyway! They were such perky, furry little orbs of pleasure! Well, they're gone now, eh? Thanks, Human. Thanks, Stabby Place Devil Spawn.

On her feet...yeah. Good, I'll do that. It might a-l-m-o-s-t be worth a return trip to That Place just so's I could hork up somefing all dead on HER feet, too.

A boy can dream.

::gazin' into the depths of those mesmeric eyes:: ... we ... will ... obey ...

Did the woman wake you up at 1am again, Max? Or did she not go get the treats she promised you? Or (shudder) both. Purrs.

Laura & Taffy

Must... Send... Crunchies...

oops. My cats ate them...bummer dood.

No crunchies here. Something about too many snacks and extra weight that needs to be lsot.

does you haf a fax machine? we can fax some to you

Thanks for the sympathy on the claw clippies. I can't wait till I'm able to draw blood again.