I guess today is Black Cat Appreciation Day... I'm not sure why black cats get their own day. There doesn't seem to be a Tuxedo Cat Appreciation Day, which I totally deserve. Or even a Tabby Appreciation Day, and there are some tabbies out there who ought to get some appreciation. But...black cats get a day, and somehow, I'm supposed to appreciate Buddah because of it?


I might have appreciated him if he hadn't arrived bearing cooties that nearly killed me.

Or if he didn't used to try to ride me like a pony.

And I might even still, if he didn't go batchit crazy every now and then and jump on me and sink his teeth into my neck.

This picture is from years ago, like six years, I think. That floor is from the second place we lived after we got him, so it's gotta be that old. See how much smaller he is than me? He was easier to appreciate then because he was so much smaller and had a healthy amount of fear in him. I'm not sure why we're eating side by side, though...he used to be such a slow eater that the people started feeding him up on the counter while I ate on the floor, just to give him some time to finish. Because if I got done and he still had food and was right there next to me?

Oh yeah, that food was mine.

Now he inhales his food and he's still on the counter, but now it's to give me time to finish. I have to give him some credit; even if he jumps down and wants what's on my plate, he hangs back a little and waits to see if I'm going to leave any. It's pretty rare that he'll actually try to eat off my plate while I'm still munching, though it has happened a few times.

To my credit, I've never whacked him over the head for it. He usually only gets a bite or two, so it's not worth the effort.

But he rarely steals, so I guess I can appreciate that.

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We eat off of the same plate! No fights yet!

We still think every day should be a kitty day!

Max, you are so generous to appreciate your pest of a brother!

No T.C.A.D.? Hmmm a toothy death may be in order....

Yeah, it's hard to appreciate a pesky sibling...

I wanna know when Orange Tabby Cat Appreciation Day is!


I want to know when Somali Cat Appreciation Day is! Oh yeah, it is EVERY day... over here, at least!

Max I think that he should appreciate you! You have some black on you... Just saying...

Oh and as far as I'm concerned every day is Meezer Appreciation Day. I just wish they'd note that on the calendar...

You may appreciate ME, Max. I like to be admired and all. Feel free.

Not Stealing foods IS pretty decent.

We rarely eat at the same time, but we have crunchies out all the time too.

It could be the perspective of the photo, but it definatly looks like you have the bigger plate, Max! (which is of course, how it should be!)

You remember that Scout & Buddah are the same age, right?
Well Scout has done that jumping on me & bite the neck thing alot lately. He is trying to take over as alpha cat now that I'm 12. I let him push me around more than I used to, but alpha cats don't bury their poop. I still make the little demon bury my poop and as long as I heve that over him.....I'm #1.