We had the hots today. At least, that's what the Woman said when she decided she didn't want to go to the store and buy herself some watermelon and get me some crunchy treats. We sat here in the living room with the curtain closed--which meant I couldn't look outside--and the lights off, except for the TV which she wasn't even really watching.

She does that a lot, turns it on and then doesn't pay attention to it. Don't ask me why. She doesn't even have it on anything good. No Animal Planet. No Stupid People Doing Stupid Things. It's usually really boring.

Still...it didn't feel hot to me, but then the Woman is 16 kinds of delicate so she makes the cold air blowing thing come on a lot during the day.

Sometimes having a fragile person is a good thing.

It's supposed to be hot again tomorrow, which won't bother me at all, other than the whole not getting to look out the window thing. And I know the Woman is going to say she doesn't want to go anywhere, which means I won't get a fresh bag of crunchy treats.

I have some treats....it's just that she said she would buy more. Oh and she did go out after it cooled down to 93 and bought herself some watermelon, but she didn't get my treats.

I think she should be required to go out tomorrow and get them, no matter how hot.

'Cause she did say she would get me some.

Granted, she didn't say when, but she said she'd get them. I want them now.

Bah...my life is so hard.

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We think you should make the man get them on the way home from the gas passing place. He's out anyway, and it should be a quick stop, unless he decides to get more things there.

Cody and Gracie

Poor Max. We understand the hots. It makes you do crazy stuff, like not pick up cat treats when you get watermelon! MOL!

Important thing is for the Woman to buy you treats before you run out of what you have.

OH MYSELF! What if it stays hot for so long that she never goes out and you run out of treats? I would be worried sick.

Lick her watermelon.
~ Vicat

Max, get her up at five am. It will be nice and cool in the morning.
The hots must mean something, else in Cali than it means in Ky. She would have the runs here.
Punkin the chihuahua.-

What, no treats? The least she should do is have fresh roast chicken delivered to your doorstep.

SHe should go out when it is hot and gt you your treats. THen she would not forget them next time!

If she promised you treats, Max, she should get you some...no matter how hot it is. Otherwise...her pillow...you know what to do.

You gotta cut her some slack, Max. She's been SICK, remember? You don't want her to become permanently damaged or something, right? (Oh wait--she DID go out for that watermelon, huh? So never mind. She totally shoulda gotten you some fresh treats.)

P.S. Weather like that is one of the BIG reasons my Human does not live in Sacramento anymore, MOL!