Man, I wish we still had stairs...

...I would totally do this to Buddah.

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See? The value of taps...

I have an outside concrete ramp and in teh snowytime, if I time it just right, I can send teh dog AND teh man sliding down on their asterisks with just a nudge!
~ Vicat

That is funny! Kirby would do it to ANgel, too!

Haha! We'd pay to see that, Max!!

That is just the bestest! Me would LOVES to sees yous do that to Buddah (but me is going to try to does that to Kozmo)

Heelaireeus! But Max: Wouldn't Buddah do it to you, too?

Good idea, but we have stairs but don't just sit there. So the other doesn't have the chance to tap them along.

Holy crap Max, where do you find these?

We'd try that but it would make our mom get all've not heard bad until you make our mom all screamy.

Gasp! Max!

(paulajeanne and Molly)