Man, if I were an outside kitty, I would totally learn how to do this.

And then I would go freak out all the neighbors.

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It's SpiderCat

Spidey indeed! Max, You find the best little moobies ever. I trust your Woman is better now and attending to all your needs? It would have been nice of her to have removed Buddah from your couch for you, though.

That is crazypants! Great video.


Yeah!!! Wouldn't that be fun !!!!!!!

Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

um ... i think dat'z mi brudder mickey. he knowz how to walk on da roof ... i diden't know he cood do dat.

Oh that baby really has to work to get in. Poor thing.

Whoa... iz he part monkeycat? I bet he iz a cat burglar. Don't let him steal your kittycrack!

That kit ROCKS!

But I hope you wouldn't do it at our place. That would really freak mom. We live on the 16th floor! Not that you couldn't do it. Just, I'm being nice to mom.... And her freaky side is, well, OMC!

THat would startle the neighbors!

Oh yeah. That be cool!

Now that would freak out the neighbors!

Yes, you're right Max, she SHOULD know the purrfect scritching technique without any coaching from me, but you know how mentally dull the Humans are.

Well, ya never know which strange window is open until ya claw them ALL!

Max, My Human bows down before your Woman: She would DIE if she tried to walk from the Embarcadero BART to the bridge--that's like about elebenty-fousand miles she says. She thinks your Woman must've practiced her walking REAL good.

is so much easier when you has super powers.