I don't really like getting my picture taken, but I think this one came out all right.

Plus, I was waiting for dinner. If I sat there without closing my eyes, I was pretty sure I would get dinner early.

I was wrong.

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Man that is so thankless...

You deserved it.

You were gypped!

Our mums gives us kissies, which are quickly followed by bonus cookies whenever she gets a good picture. What we want to know is, what did we do to make a "good pcture" so we can do it again when we want extra bonus cookies!

But Max, you're sooo handsome, dood!! You should have your picture taken more often, if only to treat all the females (feline & human) in your fan club! **hugs**

For such a good picture, dinner should have been early and you should have gotten second helpings.

ooo great eyes!! that suks about the food. did you smack her? I do when I don't get what I want. Maybe that's why the mom hates me. - Miles

That's a great profile pic, Max. It should have scored you some foods. Tell her she better keep an eye on her pillow.

Beautiful close up of your handsome face

Oh, I see that little trace of the red glowing fires of Basement Cat shining through your innocent facade, Max.

very cool photo!

Good sideview, Max! And we admire the barely red upper eye "start the lazer" werk.

It is an excellent one Max!

You look quite handsome, Max.

Max I've. got 3 daughter kitties r u single :)