Today was Buddah's 7th birthday. Which means in a few weeks, it will have been seven years since the little black furball tried to kill me with his epic cooties.

I still haven't quite forgiven him for that, but I am all in favor of him getting a birthday, because birthdays mean treats. Last night we got some real live fresh dead cow, courtesy of Mr. Cat Elmans, and today there were cans of Fancy Feast Medley. We never get that stuff! But because of his birthday, we each got an entire can.

He got a couple of toys, too, but all I cared about was the noms. Oh, and the fireplace thingy got turned on. That's been nice, too.

Happy Birthday, Buddah Pest.

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Wow! Cool. I wish I got that kind of stuff when the other cats had birthdays. Heck, I'd love it on my birthday too. They could have their own food and I mine. But does anyone around here ever remember? Sigh.

I'm really glad you got good food on the other cat's birthday though. Way cool.

Max - keep riding that gravy train Happy Birthday to Buddah.
your pals, Morgan & Maisie

Happy Birthday to the Buddah Pest! Sounds like a win-win situation.

Thankfully for us, Momma's are like that... treats for everybuddy or nobuddy!

Happy Birthday, Buddah Pest, for all'a the Gs.

epic cooties. hehehe.

Happy birthday to Buddah - happy treats to you, Max!

happy belated purrfday Buddah - and don't efur bring the epic cooties back!

Belated happy birthday, Buddah!

Happy birthday to your little bro! (You *know* you've enjoyed his being there, Max.)

Happy Birthday Buddah!!! (we know you are loved - no matter what gets posted here....)

Happy Birthday Buddah. May you have many more (and lots more real live dead cow)

Happy Belated Birthday, Buddah! I am so glad that you both got yummy noms. Elegant Medleys is great. I love it. Max, my Mom says that you are the DUDE! Thanks so much for letting her know that she can add another blog list.

Belated Happy Birthday Buddah. Our mum brings us back FF elegant medleys when she goes to America, and it is the bestest ever!!!

Happy Birthday Buddah. It does not seem like 7 years!

It is all about the noms.

It's great that you got to benefit from Buddah's birthday, Max! Happy Birthday to him!!

Happy Birthday to Buddah! I remember when he first showed up in your life...

The Big Thing

Happy Belated Birfday, Big Boy! I'm glad y'all scored the good noms on the big day!

Happy Birthday Buddah!
We remember the day you came to live with Max too. This means that Scouts BD is just around the corner since you guys were born at basically the same time.

Happy Birthday Buddah!!! Good noms, Max.