Not the actual muffin
All right, those muffins were full of disappointment. The Woman offered me a bite when they were still warm, so I sniffed it first and it wasn't muffiny enough. I'm not sure what the deal was, because I love to munch a good muffin, but there was something not quite right about this one. Maybe because I expected blueberry and it was cinnamon? I dunno...I like cinnamon donuts, but I didn't even want to try this one.

I did anyway, just a taste. And then I spit it out because a wrong muffin does NOT get to be swallowed. it gets to revisit the floor, where wrong muffin bites belong.

The Woman seemed to enjoy them, and this morning the Man had a couple and he seemed to enjoy them. There was no copious barfing so I'm guessing the muffins weren't BAD...just wrong.

Hopefully she'll make it up to me this week and make some blueberry muffins. Those have a greater chance of being RIGHT, and I will happily allow a right muffin to get swallowed and not spit out.

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Oh maybe she'll make you a plate of real live dead shrimp?

She definitely should make it up to you! Cinammon muffins? Why make them if kittehz won't eat them?

Such a disappointment when the muffins are wrong.

Tuna muffins. I'm just sayin'.

You should try corn muffins. We LOVE sweet corn muffins! Mmmmm.

Tuna Muffins! Now that would be marvelous!!!

How disappointing! We know you were all set for the right muffin!

Tuna muffins?

Don't feel too bad, Max. We're still waiting on our Woman to get us some CAKE!

"...a wrong muffin does not get to be swallowed..." classic. loved the tone of outrage - like how dare that WRONG muffin think you would honour it so? Pf! We quite like the tuna muffins idea though...

Max, there's nothing worse than getting your mouth all ready for one thing and then finding out you're eating something else. Sorry for the disappointment. We hope you get those blueberry ones soon.

Here's purring you get some RIGHT blueberry muffins pronto, Max! We say let's all eat bluberry muffins in honor of the furriends that have gone to the Bridge. It won't bring them back, but it will let them know that we're thinking about them.

yup; blueberry atonement muffins would be just the ticket. tell the Woman to get her bakin' fingers back on!!

She should make ya a special SHRIMP muffin (carefully marked)!

I can't believe she has not *already* made you a plate of the blueberry ones!