Man, you sit on a person's toast and they get all "Get off that, get off that, GET OFF THAT, GETOFFTHAT!" So you get OFF THAT, and what do they do? They throw the toast away!

On the plus side, my bath was particularly tasty tonight. Buttered buns. Nice.

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Yer lucky. WE sit even NEAR TBT's food and WE get picked up an set down on the floor! Gently, to be sure, but firmly.

If they are just going to throw the toast away anyhow, they might as well let you keep sitting on it! Sheesh.

Coulda used some peanut butter tho.

Yeah that sounds like something that would happen here. I bet that toast was warm too!

ANd she did not even offer you part of it!

I'd totally sit on that toast if it has Cheez Whiz on it!

Now why didn't they just give you the toast?? Humans make no sense at all!

Just thought we'd let you know that our Mom can't stop laughing...she looks really goofy rolling around on the floor.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

"buttered buns!!!" LOVE IT!! MOL!

LOL - out loud! "buttered buns" Max you is one funny dude. (and "they" could have let you eat it if they was just gonna throw it out. peeps!)

That just doesn't make any sense at all. If they are just going to throw it away, why did they disturb you. I love your bath story. Buttered buns just cracks me up.


What the paw??

Maybe that was just the effects of the solar flare or something. Because behavior like that IS JUST NOT RIGHT.


HAHAHA, buttered buns!

I think if they don't want you sitting on their toast, they should make you your own piece. With lots of butter. Mmmmmm, butter.