A little while ago the Woman was in the kitchen, where Buddah was begging for crunchy food, and she looked at the container in which the crunchy food is kept and said, "Oh no, I forgot to go buy you guys the good food."

This caused much excitement, because the good food? It tastes like krap.

"I'll just give you some of the other dry food tonight."

The other food? It tastes like awesome.

Tonight, we are happy kitties. Hopefully she'll forget again tomorrow. That's possible, given her puny people brain and all.

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The only things that don't taste like crap to me are freshly roasted chicken and freshly grilled salmon.

That would be so cool!

Let's hope your human keeps giving you the good food!

It's so hard to understand how our people can be so clueless about what is awesome vs. what's krap. Bless their hearts they do the best they can with those puny brains and all.
~Casper and Angel~

We are glad ya got some of the "other dry food". We are lucky we think the good stuff is GREAT (Eukanuba Chicken). We get it as treats.

Mebbe youll be lucky an The Woman will ferget again tomorow!

I know all about the "good food" routine. I hope your Mom keeps forgetting, so you can have the stuff that tastes good. Thanks for coming to my birthday party.


Do you know what I did once when the Human tried to make me eat "good" crunchies? She mixed 'em up with my favorites and I ATE AROUND THEM. When she came home, all the weird funny-shaped ones were left in the bowl! It took some doing, let me tell you, but she figured if I went to THAT much trouble I should probably get what I want.

Yeah, it worked for awhile. But that's another story.

You guys lucked out!

A cat can dream.

Yep. Same here. The Good Food is some holistic grain free krap and the Tasty Food is the kind she gives to the outside feral we take care of.

Our mom buys us food for weight control and hairballs....ugh. But what can we do? Its eat it or just about starve. She doesn't eat diet food all the time why should we...huh, huh???