Oh man. Doods, you will not believe this. Today, while the Woman was out walking the streets, she saw this:

A cat on a bike.

In a basket on the bike.

And she says the cat liked it!

Now, I have to take her word for it because she didn't get a picture, but based on her description, I think I did a fairly accurate drawing.

She thought it was so cool, a cat riding on a bicycle.

Well, I am stating publicly that she better not be getting any ideas, because if she thinks I am going to happily take a ride on ANY kind of bike and buys a basket for her bike and tries to stick me in it, I will eat her face off.


She needs to find better places to walk. She gets too many weird notions walking around here.

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I think your human is making that up.

I think your human is making that up.

You should bite her ankle. Just in case.

It could be worse. She could buy one of those strollers and push you around the neighborhood so everyone could look at you and say "pretty kitty". Or you could whiz by on her bike and hope no one noticed you. Stay strong Max!!

How horrifying! Nevar wud I evar git inside a basket on a bisikle hissss!

Cats on bikes is just so wrong.

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Too weird! Its amazing what happens in citys

That's great for that cat. So long as she doesn't try it with you. Or mine doesn't try it with me....

I think she just said that so you would give it a try. No cat in it's right mind is going to put up with that sort of crazy.


Pee Ess: Miracle didn't run under the bed fast enough, hehe.......

I think your Woman might just be telling you a story, Max. She's a writer, right? Don't they just going around making up lies all the time?

Nice art, though ;-)

You are such a great artist! I would be watching baskets that come in the house.

you don't want the wind blowing through your furs? Us either!

Nope...a cat in a basket on a bike...just totally not right.

Humans are so weird! You are so right to take a stand - where would it all end -- you let that happen and could dressing you up in goofy costumes be far behind? Stand strong, Max.
~Casper and Angel~

Nice drawing, Max. Don't worry. The Woman knows you would never ride in a basket like that other kitty did.

My kitty says that it's dangerous for a kitty to ride in a bike basket.

Fabulous drawing! But we think it would be furry dangerous to ride in a bike basket. Like, what if the bike hit a bump? Would the kitty fly out and go boom? What if the kitty saw something scary? Would the kitty jump out of the basket and run away? What if the kitty had a sudden urge to you know, go, would they use the basket? And then where would they sit for the rest of the ride?

Oh no, now our imaginations have scared us! Got to go hide under the bed!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

great drawing you are very talented.

But a ride on the motorcycle would be pawsome! you would be ROCKIN the helmet

we would soo totally be gone if that wus us in tha basket.

An open air PTU!
The biker was probably taking that poor cat to the vet!

Well, that whole riding in a basket thing sounds just awful to us - we won't even let our mom carry us in the laundry basket - on a bike - forget it!

We loved the sketch, Max! But an evil thought... We bet The Woman could strap down a PTU on her bike...

We feel safe in sayin that cuz TBT dont have a bike. Heh-heh-heh!

I am with you - you would never catch me doing something like that - sheesh. FAZ

Max, I'm on your side, bud. She even looks like she's gonna put you in a basket, you just put out the word and we'll be over there...Mass pillow-pooping, anyone?

Hey, thanks for stoppin' over to visit me today. It was great to see you!

Max, we are geting car sick juz thinking about it.

Nice drawing, Max.

Man, nobody better even THINK about putting me in a basket!!

Max S.

That looks like a pretty accurate drawing. Also looks pretty scary. Stay away from bikes!

We just saw this video of a cat who rides a rumbly bike with his man:


Do you think The Woman saw him?

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

I think you did a fine job on the drawing.