I like my routine. I know it well, and I like it when things go the way they're supposed to go.

Like every morning, I know the order of things.

  • Curl up on top of the Woman and make sure she wakes up
  • Herd her into the bathroom
  • Plop down on her feet while she uses the giant litter box
  • Jump up on the counter and watch while she stands on the Dammit Box
  • Headbutt the box on the wall where she keeps her rugs so she remembers to take them
  • Jump down and wait for the door to open
  • Herd her into the bedroom so she can change clothes
  • Herd her into the kitchen so she can open a can of Stinky Goodness

It's an 8 step process. It's simple. She should have it memorized by now. But no...once in a while she screws up the order of things, and I have to stop to think what should come next.

Like, this morning? I made sure she woke up, but instead of going into the bathroom she went ahead and out her clothes on. Well, after clothes comes herding her into the kitchen, so I started down the hall but then she went into the bathroom. So I went in and headed for the giant litter box but no, so took her drugs. So I jumped up on the counter thinking she would stand on the Dammit Box, but then she went to the giant litter box.

What the frak?

Man, I didn't know what to expect after that, so when she opened the bathroom door I didn't trust where she would wind up she I just kind of stood there in the hallway and waited.

Luckily she remembered she was supposed to open a can for me, otherwise I might still be standing there trying to figure out where I was supposed to make her go next.


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We hate it when our routine gets changed! SHe should know that you are the boss and you need to do it your way!

I hate a loss of routine...

It could be something in the water. That seems to happen at my house too. A LOT.

Humans. Soooooo unreliable. It's a shame.

I think when she deviates from the routine, you should head directly to the kitchen and howl like you were being devoured by fire ants till she comes running and THEN you stand by the Stinky Goodness cupboard.

It sounds like she really messed things up! My human does not have a schedule at all - she is utterly random, and I have never been able to get her on a schedule. It's not really my fault, she is really very hard to manage.


You should simplify your routine to one step.

Just keep pestering her to hurry up and get you your stinky goodness.


Clearly she needs much more training. You'll have to go back to the NILIF method.

Doesn't Buddah help you guide her?


People! What are ya gonna do with them?

Love Spitty's advice about the fire ants!

Maybe this is an Ask Max question: How do you handle a human who keeps messing with a kitty's routine?
What are some tried and true training methods?

PeeEss we knew you'd have the answer to Scout's question at our blog about the baby kitty issue. Thanks!

wow our mom's routine is never the same minus her fusing at the alarm clock.

Stick to the routine. Although the day hunting days routine is different than the weekend routine.

Good work Max. Just stick to the routine, she'll get it sooner or later. A kitten's work is never done.

Mom to Manny & Vinny

I hate it when that happens.

I came by cause it's my third blogoversary and I wanted to personally thank you for your encouragement back when I started it. You are a cool cat, and your family ain't bad either... except for the lack of routine.

You are lucky yer Woman has a routine. TBT just does most of those kinna things randomly. He skips some parts too. We never know WHAT he is gonna do next...

cats and the people who love them can be super unpredictable! It's impawtant that sometimes we keep you on your toes...er....PAWS!

We gave up trying to figure out what our humans are doing. Every time we think they've got a pattern, they go and change it on us. Mommy says she's keeping us on our toes but we all just think it's annoying.

Hmmmm. I have to feed my kitty first or else she keeps meowing at me until I do.

Max, your Woman is still way better than ours! You have our sympathy and empathy!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

oh my cod, what ridikulousness! i can not believes you has to go through that.

we yell efery mornin fur tha beans ta feed us. forget eferyfing else, we gotta eet and eet now.

we yell efery mornin fur tha beans ta feed us. forget eferyfing else, we gotta eet and eet now.

"Dammit Box"... I love it..