There was lots of real live fresh dead shrimp for my birthday. In fact, there's still some real live fresh dead shrimp in the refrigerator, and I wanted some a little while ago but the Woman was all, "Oh I think that might have gone bad by now. You probably shouldn't eat it," but I was all like, "Well let me sniff it and I'll decide," but then she was all, "No, we need to toss it."

So she closed the refrigerator door, and it's all still in there.

Yeah, people logic.

Now, the other day she and the Man went for a long walk at this place that has six flags over it, and apparently it has giant fish, and they took a picture of one.

But did they bring one home for me?


I mean, that looks like a HUGE fish and I would really like to sample one, but they didn't even think about me while they were there.

On the plus side, there was real live fresh dead cow tonight, so that kind of makes up for not getting the giant fish or even the real live fresh dead shrimp.

I have high hopes for tomorrow. Maybe there will be chicken...

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Well, I certainly hope there is some chicken for you tomorrow, Max! It sounds like the humans are not cooperating when it comes to fish and seafood.

Maybe they'll get you some fresher shrimp! I'd hope for that!

Havent the Beins figured out that we can eat stuff they cant? They are sad at digestin old mousies... Not that they even TRY!

Sorry bout the loss of your fresh live deaded shrimp. Yum. Cow is good too. But, we think chick-hen is the greatest, anyway. We're sure you'll get sum of that. Too bad bout the big fish, you coulda nommed on that for a long time. Purrs.

Sorry about the big fish! That stinks. Actually, it probably literally did stink.

Oh, this is so wrong on so many lebels!!

If they got you that big fish we could all have come over for a party.

Now that was a fish story about the one that got away!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

Wow, Max. your Woman sounds like mine! ("Yeah, that looks like it might be bad. Smells funny. Huh. Well, let's check it in a couple days.")

That is one Big Fish. I think it might be the kind that the Humans worry about so much when they're busy deading the tunas ("Oh no! Not that fish! Nope, save it! Look! here are 2 squillion other fishes--let's kill them instead").

Hope the Woman buys you some nice new fresh dead shrimp, Max, because you deserve it!

We hate when good things like real live fresh dead shrimp get thrown out. After all, what smells bad to humans usually smells really good to us!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

We had some fishy on Friday, dead cow tonight. I think chick-hen tomorrow.

We think she shoulda let you sniff the shrimp, Max. What would it have hurt?

Hewwo Max, I am furry nice to meet chew sur. Mine Mommie tolded me that you am asponsible for her bloggin wiff Oreo. So fank you!! Her also says her has missed your snarkiness & furr you to be nice & tell Buddah hi furr us!!

I had real live fresh dead chicken today. Maybe you'll get some of that too.

well since the real live dead shrimp is still in the fridge, maybe you'll get another chance at it...

or maybe there will be chicken..

I bet Denny has a birthday present of chicken waiting for the mom to come pick it up.