Today, I am 10...

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MOL...Calm Down Max ! Otherwise You can't hear me say " Happy Birthday Max !!!!
Have a wonderful day dude

Ha! Happy birthday, Max! We hope you get lots of treats--and cake!--today!

Happy Birthday Max!!!

Hope you got lots of shrimp!

Happy Purrthday Dood <3 <3 <3


you are the reason we blog and we are so grateful to you for leading the way!!!

We wish you many more happy purrfdays!

Happy Purrday Max! I sure lots of caek iz coming your way *high-paw!*

Happy Birthday Dood! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I'm nine, so I know that almost-over-the-hill feeling.

Happy Birthday, Max! We hope you get that cake!!

Happy Purrfday Max!!! Hope you get lots of real live fresh dead shrimp today!!
~Meeko & Kiara

Happy Birfday Max!! (and we hope the cake shows up soon)

Happy Happy B Day! You totally rock, Max. You were our blogging hero long before we started our own. Bring on the shrimp!

Happy Birthday Max - 10 is sooo young!

Happy Birthday, Max. Hope you get real live dead shrimp.

Happy 10th Birthday Max! Here is hoping for many more.


Dood, we hope you get one GIANT JUMBO shrimp for each year! Happy Birthday, Max!

Happy Purrfday Max!!! 10 is so young! Eat your cake and any other feasts before you.

Luf, Us

Happy Birthday!!! Break out the shrimps and nip and ham and fishy flakes and well just open the cupboards darn it and let us feast!!!

Happy birthday, Max! I hope your cake is salmon flavored!

Happiest of Birthdays Dood!
May there be shrimps galore, and lots of nip too!
We also hope the woman takes time out of her busy day to make a lap for you.

Happy Birthday Max and bring on the shrimp!!!!

Hey Max, we wish you the happiest purrthday ever!!

(and lots of real live deal shrimps, too)

Happy 10th Birfday Max! We hope that cake is made of live dead SHRIMPSIES!!!

Happy Purrthday Max! Hope yoo gets lotsa real live deaded shrimps!
I will be 10 this yeer too. I is glad it is not half deaded.
Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

Happy Birthday Max. Did you get your shrimp?

Happy birthday, Mr. Max! Being 10 is GREAT!! We hope you get lots of shrimps!

Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

Happy birthday to you, Max!

Happy purrthday Max! I hope you get lots of shrimp today!

Happy Purrrthday, Max. We hope you got lots and lots of shrimp, and maybe even a snuggle from Buddah.

Happy birthday, dude! I hope Denny got you something good this year.

Happy Purrthday from both of us. Hope you gets lots of shrimps.

Happy Birthday Max!! We hope that you got lots of Real Live Fresh Dead Shrimp to celebrate!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

Happiest of Birthdays Max!!

Happy Birthday Max. Did you get the real live dead shrimp?

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

I think your Woman better have gone out and bought you a ShrimpCake with mouse frosting. That happened, didn't it?

Happy Birfday, my friend!


"Where's my cake, dammit!!??" I LOVE IT!

Happy Birthday Max, you handsome devil you! :)

Happy Birthday Max!! Hope you had as many shrimp as you could eat.

Happy Birthday Max! That is one cool birthday photo you put up - talk about 'tude'. Really getting into your partee, hey? May shrimp fall from the sky for the rest of the year.

It's ok. I'm almost 10. We are like wine, better with age. MOL. Mom will share some cakes with you, but it prolly will be key lime.Yak! Maybe you will get sum nice treats. Happy Birfday anyways!

Happy 10th Birthday Max!!!!!!!!
Be sure to get spoiled lots and lots!!!!Ten is not old,it's just 2 numbers now,heehee
Enjoy lots of real live fresh dead shrimp too :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia and Angel Mickey

Happy birthday Max! I hope you got lots of shrimp.

Happy Burfday! May your 10th year be full of real live fresh dead shrimpies and all the stinky goodness you can snarf down! You is our hero, love Punkin and Shadow :-}

DUDE! belated happy purrthday!! ed sez he's also 10, an' there's life inne ol' cat yet (ask iggy--ed regularly sumo's him). didjer get yer shrimp, dead OR alive? we hopes you had a nabsolutely spiffin' day!

peeyes: that lab tech din't charge a thing, but she ate one of our cat toys later on. hope she poops out the jingle bell eventually; that's the only part we want back.

Happy (belated) Birthday, Max! We hope you got lots of treats and cake!

Happy belated birthday..

DOOD, at leest they REMEMBERD yer berthday.