Keep scrolling until you find something that interests you. I got a few things today...

You guys know the Woman and Jeter's Mom are walking for boobies again this year, right? And Diva Kitty's mom is crewing in THREE walks. The Woman is walking twice, one in San Francisco and one in Atlanta, and is still raising bucks for boobs...she's like $500 away from goal on the first walk and hasn't started doing anything for the second because she just made up her mind about it today.

She's got some awesome prizes this year. Lookit:

An iPod Nano and a Kindle 3 w/3G and WiFi, AND a 64 GB iPAD w/3G and WiFi.

To donate to help save the boobies AND to have a chance at winning some awesomeness, go to

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Oh, and I think the Woman has some really good connections somewhere. This morning, when I was trying to wake her up because I was hungry and she was drooling on her pillow and not getting up to open a can for me, she opened an eye and said, "Do you want to meet Jesus today?"

Well, I said OF COURSE, so when she went outside later I thought she was going to get him, but she came home a few hours later alone. So either he doesn't like her, or she realized the house is too big a mess for company.

But yeah, anytime she wants to invite him over, I totally want to meet him.

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Hey, you can't put me through this TWICE!!!!! (Well, yes you can) ;-)
Keep on truckin', Thumper!

See, I always figured Jesus for a dog guy--I kinda see him with a labrador or a Golden.

I think we'd have a better shot with The Virgin Mary--she has those nice soft robes and a good lap.

The Human will be by to donate some green papers to the boobie walk since that's a whole lot easier than actually walking.

Cool prizes, Max! We'll get our mom to scrape some green papers together. Like Spitty said, it's easier than actually walking. Good for your woman walking twice!

And don't forget Max, anyone who purchases from our Acuboobie store can also go towards your human's walk! And boy is she ever walking!


If your mom brings Jesus to your house, call me. I hear the same thing and she never brings him home.Mom says our house is never fit for company cuz of toys. Have a pawsome day!

YOu can ask your Mom if she wants to meet Jesus after she has walked that second 60 miles!

Jesus probably likes kitties. Just a thought.

we think Jesus likes kitties, but sometimes maybe not the humans.

I can't believe your Mom is walking twice. I assumed she was doing crew in Atlanta. She's amazing! I know Mom and Dad are putting together a donation for your Mom so she'll be closer to her goal soon.

We agree - we think Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary must like kitties. And St. Francis too. If you do meet him, tell Jesus we say hi.

And The Woman is walking 60 miles TWICE? Is that even healthy?

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

Hey, that must be why Jesus never comes to our house, either - way too messy for company! But hang on, she vacuumed and cleaned yesterday so if he hurries he can visit before the mess settles again...Wait, the fact that we're not christians wouldn't be weighing against us, would it..?

I totally think you should get her to let you meet Denny first.

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I want to see the world through his eyes!

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