So today the Man loaded all the litter and food and toys into the car and the People took all the stuff over to the SPCA, and you know what? The Woman said they went into the office and there was a GIANT pile of beds for the dogs and cats! She thought there was probably 30 of them! And when the Man was unloading the car into a cart the SPCA had, a lady who works there said someone else had also just brought some litter over, so the kitties are going to have plenty to poop in for a little while! Since I consider pooping to be an important part of a kitty's day, this makes me happy.

I got to thinking last night...they need stuff all the time, not just on the holidays. And I have some books that sell a few copies every month. So I think what I wanna do is save my book money and every 3 months buy some stuff for the shelter kitties. Maybe even the dogs, too.

This doesn't make me a nice guy, though. I still think people suck.

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You can't fool us, dude - you're a great guy. Just because you're smart enough to know that most people suck doesn't make you bad. Merry Christmas :)

I think that is a great idea, Max! Doesn't matter whether or not you like people - we're talking about you helping kitties here!

I think it's a fine idea Max! I think I should get the Woman to make some cards where all the proceeds will go to our local shelter!

Yoo are being a nice guy, Max, yoor helping homeless pets who gots dat way 'cuz some peepole do suck...Merry Krissmouse!

That is very generous, Max. :)

that's a great plan Max!!!!

Max, We're so happy that you are undoing some of the suckyness this season, and afterwards, too.

Merry Christmas, you faux humbug!

Love, The Lounge Kats

Is OK Max, we always knew you were a nice guy, that doesn't tarnish your iconic image at all.
Have a Merry Christmas!

WE know you aren't a Bah Humbug sort of kitty! Merry Christmas!

I think it makes you a VERY nic guy!

It might not make you a nice guy...but it sure is a nice thing to do, Max!

We have a case of canned stuff we dont like. It is in the car to be delivered to the shelter. An we have a big bowl of some toys we dont play with. Thats goin in the box too.

But based on what yer Beins discovered, TBT says he will wait til AFTER Xmas to see what they are STILL lacking and get some of those things too!

You're the bomb Max!

Happiest of Holidays to you all!

Haf a Merry Merry Christmas Max - oh and yur people too! We really like your idea of giving up some of your stash to give to da shelter kitties. You rule.