Finally, a tree.

But you see that stuff under it? None of it is for me! Or Buddah! The only thing that makes me happy about it is that there's also nothing under there for the Woman, either. If I don't get a present, she doesn't get a present. That only seems fair.

But, I did hear her and the Man talking about Monday after he gets up going to do Toys for Tots shopping and then Tuesday finishing up the rest of their shopping, so I still have hopes that I'll get something. Now, I know Santa will bring me something because I've been very good, but the people really should stop being cheap and get me something, too.

Now, don't get started about how I didn't get them anything. They have the gift of ME every freaking day. So they still get the better end of the deal.

And double still...I want the Woman to take my book money and use it for the Toys for Tots thingy. She has toys. Like a rumbly bike and toys that make her do stupid things in the snow. If she wants something she can go out and get it. Lotsa kids don't have that. They don't have books that make them money so they can't get the toys they would like.

I also want her to take some of it and go get some toys for the shelter kitties. Skeezix's Food Lady had a post on the Cat's Meow about shelter kitties needing toys and that got me thinking, I made a little money every month, so instead of getting something for the People, I want to get something for the kitties. And I don't think the People will mind.

I mean, my people suck, but not that much.

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I think that is great idea, Max! But I do also hope your humans get you a little something too. You are very generous, both in giving to shelter kitties, and in giving your humans the gift of YOU on a daily basis.

That is very sweet of you Max tew get the shelter kitties new toys fur Christmas. The humans better have gotten you something fur Christmas or it won't be fair that they get you every day n you don't get anything. By the way how do you make your humans get you a tree? We don't even have one yet.

That is a good idea Max! We left some dry food for a cat food drive for one of our shelters last week. They said they mostly needed dry cat food. I haven't thought about toys, but if they need them, we have them too!

Damn impressive tree Max. Ya got talented Beins!

I think that's very noble of you Max.

We luff the tree. And Max, you're just a big softie. Not that we'd tell anyone, of course.....

Beautiful tree, Max. I don't have one, so I am full of envy about yours. Hope you enjoy looking at your tree!

Your tree iz bewtiful, haz you tried climbin or nommin on it? I luvs you ideas abowt toyz 4 tots. It iz so nice to think of littel hoomans happy faces when tehy see toyz on chismouse day

That's really nice of you, Max. And your tree is very pretty. Just don't try climbing it, okay?? I learned the hard way.

Max, you have given Mommy a really good idea for what to do about Paw it Forward...THANKS!
You old cynical softie, you.

The tree looks very nice. I'm sure they will make sure to get lots of presents for you.
Merry Christmas!

Nice one Max! :)xxx

You are a good kitty to think of others that do not have things

Max, I think your Human has enough green papers to get toys for the shelter kitties AND buy you a freaking Christmas Present, which you so richly deserve! My Human donated some green papers to the needy kitties, but I better have a present on Christmas morning or somebody's going to pay.