Wherein I get a little repetitive...

A little while ago, I had a conversation about Christmas with the Woman, and it went kinda like this:

Me: How much money do I have? Because I really want to get toys for the shelter kitties. Do I have enough?

Her: You have enough.

Me: What about food? Do I have enough to get them some food, too?

Her: You do. In fact, when we were at the store today we bought around 60 pounds of dry cat food for you to donate.

Me: Good. It's about time you listened to me.

Well, after we talked I was looking online to see when the shelter was going to be open again, and it's not going to be open until Thursday (they still go feed the cats and dogs, right???) and they had this thing at the top of their website

We are in desperate need of kitty litter.

Well...I had to get the Woman and show her that.

Me:How much money do I have after buying the food and toys? Do I have enough for kitty litter?

Her: Max, you've been a cheap little furball all year, so you have some book money left. Just tell me how much you want to get.

Me: All of it.

Her: That might be a problem...

The point is, while I wanna give the shelter kitties toys because I don't think they get very many of them, there are some things they need. Can you imagine not having any litter to poop in? Just going in an empty box is, well, kind of...unsatisfying. I've done it once or twice when the Woman wasn't quick enough in filling the box after cleaning it. Not having the litter to use to bury things just ruins a good poop.

And can you imagine not having enough to eat? Sure, I don't get as much as I want, but even I have to admit I get more than I need.

Pile all that on top of not having a forever home... well, you can see where I'm coming from.

If you can, call your local shelter and see what they need. Even if you can only get a few cans of Stinky Goodness or a bag of crunchy food, they would welcome it. Some shelters will need your used towels--hey, that's an excuse for you to get some new ones! They might need a PTU or two. Or kitty litter. Shelters need a lot, and they don't always have the money for it.

And toys. It doesn't matter if you buy stuff for the cats or the dogs, or if you make something. But think about your forever home, and how much you have just by living there.

Not every kitty has that.

I have enough junk, so I'm thinking that I'm going to ask the People to not get me anything after all, and to use the money they would have used on me to buy a few extra toys or extra litter.

Santa will bring me something. That's enough.

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so glad I found your blog! I was following you (newly) on networked blogs and now I just added you to my blogger blog list!
I am your newest follower!

Cat Chat http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

Max, we had planned ta have TBT brinf the canned foods we dont like ta the local cat shelter. But you have made us think about it more. It isnt just what we have do much of, it is what they NEED.

And so, we have directed him ta ask about NEEDS rather than just "stuff we have ta give".

Thanks Max, you always know how to simplify a problem... We were wonderin ezactly how to best help the shelter kitties this year. You gave us the right question to ask them.

"What do you NEED most"

Max, you are right.

As usual!

Our local shelter was saying the mostly needed dry cat food so we gave some of that!

Max! I always knew your heart was in the right place--at least about the Kitties Who Need Stuff. Bravo!

We are having a commentathon tomorrow for Chrystal and her kitties, and we are gonna ask Mommy to call our VET and see if they need anything; they do free stuff for homeless people's pets, and they also give us a big discount cuz there are so many of us.
Max, you rock!

Max, you are so very big-hearted. I'm going to poke my owners until they donate to the kitties too.


What a great idea. I need to check into the shelters in my area.

What a great idea, Max. I'm going to get my mom right on it.

You are so right.

Max, you are so thoughtful and are throwing out some good ideas for us to give to our local shelters.

Max, my local shelter was robbed twice in the past month. Twice.

What kind of desperate sad person steals from cats and dogs that already have nothing?

Donating "stuff" is a fabulous idea. Thieves tend not to walk off with kitty litter so much as cash.

Paws up, Max! It is very gratifying to help less fortunate kitties! I love doing it too!

Max, you are in danger of becoming a nice cat :)

Definitely a wonderful thing to do, Max. Our mom makes a monthly donation to an area shelter because she doesn't have a vehicle to take food/litter/etc. out there (it's about 40 kms away).

Shelters need all the help they can get, in any way we can provide it!

Max, you are so generous! Our local shelter asked if we had any outfits we could share for their Christmas holiday adoption event, so we gave them a box of outfits and a bag of toys and treats.

Shelter cats so appreciate toys. When Harley lived at the shelter, his favorite toy was a furry ball. He would keep that toy clenched in his mouth for hours, because he didn't want another kitty to take it from him. When another cat would come to close to his precious toy, he would give a low growl. Since Harley has lived with us, he does not know how to growl!

Yay Max it's so grate you saveded your monies an teh shelter kittehs iz gonna haz a merry chrissymouse cuz of you! *smooooooooch* xxox

Thank you so much for helping raise awareness of the needs that shelters have! Everything costs green papers, so your appeal to have families ask the shelter what they need most is right on.

PAWS O-Hi-O, the animal rescue group that Mom and Dad volunteer for, does not have a physical shelter - it is a network of foster homes. PAWS shows kittehs in the Adoption Center at two local PetSmart stores. Mom sometimes buys toys for the kittehs in the Adoption Center so they don't get bored.

Merry Christmas, Max!
Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel, (& fosters Sunny, Sky, and Silver - Hunter and Rico got adopted!)

You're a prince among cats, Max...you old softie.

"And they say his heart grew three sizes that day"

Actually Max, we've known all along how big-hearted you are.

Max, you're a good dude. We had our mom bring a lot of toys to the shelter cats last week. They also need lots of things that aren't thought of - Clorox Wipes, paper towels, dog houses, plus everything you mentioned. Our mom normally just brings toys and moneys so they can buy what they really need. She said those days are some of the best ones, when she can play with the kitties waiting for their forever home and watch them carry around a mouse that she brought for them!!

Wow, even more reasons to love yoo Max...

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Great post Max. We get a newsletter from our shelter and they say "we are desperate for..
We try to help when we can
This year we are "regifting" Joel & me toys we have & my beans are skipping too. We're donating in 2011 instead

You have a big heart Max.
We just stop by to wish you and your fambily a Happy Holiday, and here you are spreading more cheer than my wish can cover.
So we will gives to our shelter too, in your honor!
Have a wonderful holiday big-guy.
Love TK and Squashies

Max, you old softy! You've done good and lots of kitties will thank you.

Merry Christmas! Hope you are happy and warm and cozy during the holidays!