Doods. I am wrecked. I admit, I'm sitting here leaking like crazy, because I am so, so sad right now. One of my heroes, Rocky the Gutter Cat, went to the Bridge yesterday.

We all knew Rocky. All the ladycats wanted to be with him, and all the mancats wanted to be him.

I mean, come on. He was ROCKY and he had VIXENS!

I know we're gonna see him again, and he's got some special company waiting for him at the Bridge, but dooods...Rocky is one of a kind. I think I'm leaking so much because I know how much he meant to Mr. Tasty Face the Food Lady. And to Skeez and Tripper and Mao.

Sir will be missed. I'd tip my hat to you if I wore one.

I have to go wipe my nose on Buddah now.

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We are gonna miss Rocky like crazy. He was one of the Cats we read when we first started lurking, years ago. Rocky was the Original ManCat, a feline Guttermaster.
Rock on, Rocky, until we meet again.

Nooooooooooooooo! Not Rocky! Dude! I has a sad.

We all has a sad...a legend has gone.

Im wid u brudder. He wuz one uv da gratez.

We didn't know Rocky, but we are so sad that the CB has lost another.

Our eyes are leaking, too. Rocky was a legend! We all loved him! WE are sending purrs to all his friends and family.

We're so sad about Rocky.

We are very sad ta hear that Rocky has gone over The Bridge! We bet he got a HUGE Welcome there...

I went over to his blog and said good-bye to him, Max. Thanks for lettin' me know, dood.

Aw, Max, I'm sorry you lost your friend. Real Mancats DO cry; I didn't know Rocky but my Mancatly self shed some tears for Inigo not long ago.

I think they're having a party Over There, but I am real sad for their people.

Hey Max, we know ya moved. Will a card get forwarded to the new address? Or email us yer new address.

Yeah, Rocky was a real Mancat, alright. There have been way too many of us leaving for The Bridge recently and it has to stop!