A'ite. Riddle me this. The Woman got stupid in the snow and landed on her shoulder. Everything's been "my shoulder this" and "my shoulder that" and she's used it pretty much as a catch all excuse to sit on her asterisk and do not much of anything.

So I noticed the other day during one of her poor pity me whine-fests that--dooods!--she grabbed her BOOB because her SHOULDER hurt.



1) Just what did she really fall on?
2) I should not have to witness that!

Oh man, what has been seen cannot be unseen...

But, at least I'm not having to work so hard at purring on her. She's not drugging herself up left and right anymore, just at night so she can get some sleep. So today I took a break and spent most of the day in my mancat closet cave where I got some much needed rest.

But, I missed Buddah getting behind the curtain and not being able to figure out how to get back into the room. he couldn't find the middle where it opens and is too BUDDAH to figure out all he had to do was walk to the end of the window sill and there was a way out there...the Woman says he sat there and cried, but she wouldn't help him. That's kinda mean, but I see her point. He needs to figure these things out for himself.

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Dood, it's quite a family you have over there.

Does like her boob usually rest on her arm? Cause you know that could make her shoulder hurt. Maybe you should get her a decent bra for the time being--you know one of those athletic things so it doesn't bounce all over and hurt her shoulder more.

Whoa. You have a very strange family!

we doesn't unnerstand the whole shoulder/boob thing - but the mom does.

poor Buddah, did he haf some nip or something 'afore that?

Poor Buddah! The mom confesses she would have gone to him and picked him, given him a cuddle and a smooch. LOL.

As for boobs and shoulders...our mom doesn't have much in the boob department, so can only imagine the shoulder correlation. MOL!

poor Buddah, MOL. try not to worreh too much about the bean and her boob grab. mine does it all teh time.

WE are glad you bot a break from nursing! That is so Buddah!

Humans are so whiney. They can't stand for any thing to hurt before they start the whining. Buddah....what's up with him? We agree with the above mentioned nip theory.
Stick to the mancave, dude.

We hesitate ta mention Bein body parts cuz some of them get all weerd about it. But 2 observations...

First, when Beins start confusin which parts hurt, they is probly startin ta fake it for the sympathy factor. Like when we get a front paw barely stepped on and 3 DAYS later hold up that paw when all we really want is a treat.

Second, if her boob DOES hurt, there are squishy cremes what help with that. We suspect she could find SOMEONE to apply it for her...

Oh, an NO SYMPATHY to Buddah! Iffen ya cant find yer way out of a curtain, ya should probly get out of the gene pool, if ya know what we mean. Oh wait, most of us kitties are ALREADY out of the gene pool. So, OK, tell him he is several cans short of a case of Stinky Goodness...


Max, I thought you liked the boobies? Honestly, I'd think you'd enjoy a good boob-grab, even if it wasn't you doing the grabbin.

And, I love Buddah, but I gotta say he does seem a little (well, let's be charitable, shall we?) dim. I'm sorry. It's not nice to laugh at him. But--heh, heh.

Poor Buddah kitteh. We hope he found his way out finally.

What's wrong with boobies, Max?
I get all bummed when my Humom gets all mennypawsal and won't let me snuggle her and nom her shirt.