Holy real live fresh dead shrimp on a stick, sometime when I wasn't looking I went over half a million visitors. Half a million doods! That's like, more than a hundred!

It took six and a half freaking years, but still.

Man...six and a half years. Evidently I have a lot to say...

I'm only eight and a half years old, so I probably have a lot more to say still, but I don't think my People will like much of it.

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Whoa, dude, half a million! Yoo gots lots of fans. Yeah, purrty sure da people don't like a lot of stuff we haf to say. Who cares, just keep on saying it.

Dude. Much respect to you.

Whoa. That's a lot of clicks, Max! Concatulations.

That's amazing!!!!!!!! Way to go!

Excellent! That's a whole lot of visitors!

Awesome! you are a popular dude!

Oh, Max, you've had nearly a squillion visitors already! I hope none of them were scary.

Oh my COD, half a million. I bow to The Master.

Max S.

Wow! That is a lot of visitors.

If they all gave you even just one treat a piece.... why, that would be like a whole lot of treats.

Nice! Congratulations Max, that is more visitors than doods Betty White has dated. um, that wouldn't make sense if you didn't watch Ellen today...

Everybody loves you Max!

Whoa...that's a lot of hits!! Congrats!

Concats Max!! Where would we be without your witty commentary?

Max, what's this buddy? Just how many girlfriends DO you have?! Dang. I'm so jealous. Still like you though - you're one cool cat!

Romeo and "her"

Half. A. Million!

Thats like, LOTS!

It must be yer sterling good looks...