This disturbs me... but you should make your people watch it because, well, it's very disturbing and people should be disturbed.

You disturbed now, too?

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Very disturbing!

That was weird! I like to think of kitties as calming!

What da heck kinda acid trip was THAT??

disturbing...and hilarious

oh wait, does that mean I'm insane?

whats in this bottle of tea I'm drinking anyway...

Max, you are a dear friend, but we worry about you sometimes...

That was "interesting"...

We think you should chew some Primo Nip and take a good long nap with a Bein...


I've seen most of these in a 'normal' view and hopefully none of them were harmed....I HATE when people hurt animals.

Okay--yeah Disturbed...

Yeah, a bit disturbin' but not nearly as disturbin' as dat anonymous post from male-sexual! Weerd, we seen alla dem clips in der original form, but add some weerd sounds, creepy color or slow/speed dem up and dey is, well, diffrint.

Anna Kitty is sitting here with me and she did not like that clip at all.

Ooooh, that scairted me! But male-sexual sciarted me more. "I love you full"

duuuuuuuuuuuuude. pawsome. nip made it even better.

but we agree with Daisy - male-sexual there is WAYYYYYYYYY scarier.

Since he was more disturbing, I deleted male-sexual's comment...even though he "loves me full."

WOW. Nuff said.

ewwwwww! iggy sez it looks just like what he was dreamin' after he got his hoo-has tooken off . . .

Hoo-Boy, was that supposed to be art?

crud. the link is broken so i don't know if i'm disturbed or not. or, maybe i'm supposed to be disturbed by the broken link? that does bother me, but "disturb" me i'm not so sure.

i am a bit bummed that i missed male-sexual's comment. at least he didn't say "me love you long time..."

Definitely disturbed...

Ohhh, that's an awful thing for cats to watch. I didn't realize that my cat was sitting behind me when I had it on. Not sure if she looked. I think her eyes were closed in a semi-coma/nap.

Hope you aren't getting ideas from this of things to do to people, Max!

I know we're ebil..but we're not THAT ebil!

dood ... i wauz jus gointa leev a comment widowt watchin dat disturbin video ... but den i started to watch dat disturbin video an it froze mi screen ... an i hadta shut down an start again ... an den ... dere u were ... commentin on mi post ... seein mi brudder mick enjoyin dat grate ham-mick! it'z da gratest mi frend. an it'z rite in time fer baseball seezon!
i luv u ...
in a manly way.
thankz dood.
yer grate frend--jh
(an yes ... dat kong kickeroo iz disturbinly large!)

Thanks for posting my video! I've finally got a couple of views on it now!

wow, I'm glad I got to see that today. my goal is to make Joel look at me like that sticky person looked at his kitty. it is more important to be feared than respected. especially with a tail gnawing, yanking kitty chasing baby.
"It's just the same old crap I always see when I close my eyes"

Maximus Spittimus has asked me to say that his Two Legs are disturbed enough already.

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp


'ang on...

what you mean disturbed enough already???

Don't you purr at me young man!

Oi! That's skeery!

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That was very disturbing, but also amusing in a weird kind of way.

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We hadda stop watchin. It was getting a bit weerd. Seriously disturbin...

Seriously, as a cat lover (raised and showed Birman cats for over 10 years, gave everything for our cats, spent over $5,000 to save our beloved Birman who had cancer at 4 years of age) - this is not a cat lover who made this video. It is disgraceful and humiliating to all felines. I am disturbed, yes. What was the point of this video other than shocking people and torturing cats. My animals are treated like family members. Boo Hiss. I hated it.

After reading all of this.. I am not going to watch it because.. well.. I would want to hunt down the human(s)that did this and do strange things to them. Like Duck tape them to a tree in the forest, pour honey on them and let the Bears have at it.